Sehun’s ig: “Happy Birthday!”

Chanyeol’s ig: “My love, our leader, happy birthday!”

Tao’s ig: “Mom, happy birthday! Our leader mo-mo-mom.” 

Baekhyun’s ig: “He is handsome even faced-down….Since it is his birthday..Keuheum! #HappyBirthdayLeaderKimJoonMyun.”

Luhan’s ig: Happy Birthday!

Lay’s ig: “Happy Birthday Leader Kim Jun-myeon ~^^ Please take care of EXO well”

NOTICE + OPINION – Regarding Kris lawsuit + EXO as 11

Hello. In order not for fans to keep on asking me the same question, Kris has not left EXO (for the time being).
He has file a lawsuit but SM has not announced his leaving yet.
He may return to EXO or maybe not. But everything is not confirmed as of now. So please do not spread that EXO is 11 or Kris has left EXO.

As their first concert are coming up, of course the other 11 members had to continue to prepare for their performances. However, it does not mean that Kris has left EXO. He may have the intention to leave, but let’s wait for official announcement.

Many fans has been choosing sides and even starts to bash the other party, but right now, I think we all should becomes one and not divide this fandom into half.

Followers of this blog, I hope you all will keep calm and not choose a side to stand. We need to wait for more official news rather than rumours that comes from fans/haters/fansite masters and even news articles that might be part of SM’s media play. Do not be fooled by most of them.

Let’s believe in EXO. Let’s respect every single member decision. All twelve of them.

Thank you.

Have a nice day everyone. Do eat and sleep well.