EXO members take turns keeping watch in bathrooms because of sasaengs

Heechul talked about the way sasaeng fans intruded on idols’ privacy, even in the bathroom and it appears EXO suffers the same privacy issues.

On a recent episode of ‘Ssul Jeon‘, the panel talked about the various types of fans. Heechul said, “It’s fine if people come see us at places when we have makeup on and we’re working. But they shouldn’t intrude on our private likes. Sasaengs are not fans.” He talked about the times when fans had come into the Super Junior dormitory to take photos of their underwear.

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Kim Gu Ra pointed out that he noticed that idols never went to bathrooms at the urinals, but inside the stalls, and Heechul said that even in the stalls, there are fans who stand on the adjacent stalls’ toilets to take photos, so they have to lean forward.

Park Ji Yoon also mentioned that EXO members had to take turns standing guard at bathroom entrances so no sasaeng fans could get in while they were taking care of business.

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[131129] EXO, Releasing Winter Special Album..2013 Official End

Group EXO will be going through with special promotions for one month in December.

EXO will release a winter special album, ‘December’s Miracle’ on December 9th and plan to warmly end the year with a special stage. As much as EXO came back with their first official album ‘XOXO,’ made hits of ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and ‘Growl,’ confirmed their status of ‘2013 Best Generational Trend,’  sell almost a million albums, as well as receive a ‘grand prize’ at the end of the year music award all within two years of their debut, they plan to repay the fans that gave them a lot of love and this album will be a present like album for the fans.

As it is a winter album, you will be able to find various charms of the EXO members as well as feel the winter atmosphere with the five songs that will be included. It is anticipated to receive a hot response as it will be released simultaneously in Korean and Chinese.

EXO will start their official promotions with Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on December 5th.

source: E Daily / translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans

[131129] D.O Joining the ‘Acting-dols,’ Screen Debut with Movie ‘Cart’

Playing Yeom Jungah’s son.

‘Generational trend’ idol group EXO’s member, D.O, will join the line of ‘acting-dols.’

D.O has been casted for the movie ‘Cart’ (Director Boo Jiyoung, Producter Myung Pilleum) that has already confirmed casting of actress Yeom Jungah, Moon Junghee, etc. A movie representative has stated, “We had good conversations with D.O’s side. As long as there is nothing major changing, D.O will feature in ‘Cart.’”

‘Cart’ is product that draws out the story of the happenings of a single mom after she was laid off working in a megastore as a contract worker. D.O will appear as the son of the Yeom Jungah who will play the female main character.

D.O is the first member who has officially started acting amongst the EXO members. There have been members who have acted in music videos but there has not been a member who has acted in a drama.

Another movie representative has stated, “Actor turned idols are making a spot for themselves in the drama and movie world quickly. As EXO has recently shown their quick growth acceleration, the competition to cast them has become that much more fierce. D.O is the starting point.”

Meanwhile, D.O hurt his right ankle during a performance at the recently held ‘2013 MAMA.’ D.O, who has continuously been gaining treatment, is said to be starting filming soon.

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EXO breaks another record with 740,000 copies of ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ sold in just 3 months

EXO‘s 1st full-length album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)‘ broke another record by selling 740,000 copies in just three months since its release!

As of September 3 KST, EXO sold 424,260 copies of the regular version of their ‘XOXO’ album which was released on June 3 and 312,899 copies of its repackaged version released in August, bringing the total up to 737,159 copies sold. 

SM Entertainment stated, “According to the Korean Music Industry Association, [EXO] is the first artist to break the record of selling over 700,000 in 12 years since 2001 following Kim Gun Mo‘s 7th album (1,390,000 copies sold) and Jo Sung Mo‘s 4th album (960,000 copies sold).”

This achievement is significant especially considering that physical album sales have been on the decline since the start of the online market and the increase of illegal downloading.

 Congrats to EXO and their fans!


Source + Image: Sports Seoul, Yonhap News via Nate

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[News] “EXO, ranking first as soon as they return as a full group? Our tears tell our hardship”


Boygroup EXO recently appeared in the special number of Sports Seoul about ‘The Future of K-Pop’ in commemoration of its foundation and has been picked as the next generation’s representative idol group.

These 12 people who were split in half to promote both in Korea (EXO-K) and in China (EXO-M) are back together. Since they turned into a ‘complete group’ they showed a fierce star-like popularity as soon as they released their new song.

One year after their debut, their first full album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ consecutively ranked first three times on different music programs with their title song ‘Wolf’ just 10 days after its release.
The 12 members’ performances are wild and powerful, making them particularly outstanding.


After receiving the 1st place trophee, leader Suho sadly shedded tears. “At first Suho cried, then Kai, and Lay sobbed in the waiting room…. we all ended up crying. Sehun’s tears fell in big drops.”


EXO claimed that their strenuous days marked by inner struggles swept past them like kaleidoscopic images. This notion reached out particularly to the members whose training periods were the longest.


While there are members who have spent 6 years in training, there are others whose time as trainees was rather short, such as Baekhyun and Chen, who trained for 4 months each. For these two, the feeling was different.  They said, “(More than winning first place), we were happiest when we entered SM as trainees because it was our childhood dream to become singers, and being accepted as trainees felt like we had taken that crucial first step to make that dream come to life.” One of them added, “And after we became EXO, we just felt like we’ve come this much further”.


After this, Kai said “Baekhyun hyung and Chen hyung both had short training periods so when we won they were both happy yet sorry at the same time. It might be because they thought their efforts were smaller than the other members’. But if they weren’t here we wouldn’t have been able to debut. I wish they could enjoy it with us.”


The image of these vigorous 20~24-year-old men unexpectedly taking care of each other’s feelings was impressive. But honestly they get goosebumps because of each other. “When the 12 of us sit and talk about serious things all together we get really embarrassed. Hahaha.”


Because twelve members and four managers live together in a dorm, there is bound to be many uncomfortable aspects. However, as if it was obvious, they unanimously explained “We abide by what we have to and we live like a family.” They continued, “If a lot, it’s a four year difference, but we respect even if the person is one year older. Although because we had a long trainee period so we are like a family and it’s harmonious, we abide by what we have too. Also if we continuously used honorifics for 4~5 years while we were trainees and suddenly we stop because we became one team, it’d be awkward. There are some members who formed together before debut so we’re very friendly but we still use honorifics.”


We thought there would exist a delicate hierarchy in the world of men, but Kris, who happens to be one of the oldest, lightened the atmosphere by saying “I’ll accept your informal speech if you say it in English”. Chinese-born but selected in Canada, Kris is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. On the other hand, while fellow Chinese members Tao and Lu Han are not fluent in Korean, they impressed us when they were able to differentiate between formal and informal speech among the four languages the members use amongst themselves.


When they get asked to talk a little they all talk at once here and there so it can sometimes get out of control. To these they proudly replied “We don’t have time to get bored”. It’s even more noticeable with Chanyeol’s voice, when he opens his mouth you can’t help but hear him.


“Chanyeolie is in charge of voice within the team. Because he’s also the atmosphere maker, he makes things noisy at times as well.”, “The manager hyungs get tired. They also tell me to sit in the way back in the car if possible. They say it’s because my voice is so loud. Have a rich powerful voice is a good thing.”


Although it may seem like they’re slightly talking ill of one another, it a brotherly side that we see while they compliment each other’s positive points. Also, because they are twelve members, how reassured must they be?

“We like sports so it’s nice to be able to split into two exact teams.”, “After the twelve members came to live together, the fun of having birthday parties is great. Especially because at the beginning of the year there are a lot of birthdays grouped together, we had seven birthday parties till May. Last month, Tao’s birthday was fun. While he was showering, we took a cake to him but because he was completely naked, it’s a shame we couldn’t take a photo of him blowing out the candles. Hahaha.”


D.O is good at cooking, Lay is good at playing instruments, Xiumin is like an alarm, waking the members up each morning…. It is hard to recite each and every one, but because each of the twelve members have their own individuality and speciality, who is the member who the others are most envious of? “Maknae Sehun is the most popular amongst the noonas. I think he knows the way to gain love from the noonas. I think he uses the title of being the maknae. BoA noona likes him and the Girl’s Generation noonas like him as well. Because noonas like Sehun the most, he is the one I’m most envious of.”


Likewise, it seems impossible not to melt female fans’ hearts with wolf cries melded with charms that EXO, grouped with pleasant young men, cannot deny. It seems predictable that EXO’s fatal popularity will increase immensely with each member’s individual charms.


cr: source: Sports Seoul
translation cr; saphira, juliana & nahbit @ exok-trans

EXO look up to their labelmates TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior as their role models

One thing that’s keeping EXO on the right track to success seem to be their role models.


During an interview with TV Daily, the members were asked what they learn from their agency sunbaes at SM Entertainment. EXO shared, “As we perform on music shows, there are times when we get exhausted. But when we look at our sunbaenims, they also go on tours overseas and don’t seem to get tired. We want to acquire the same stamina and mindset. Girls’ Generation, especially, are women, but after seeing them carry out two-day concerts, they really impressed us.”


Though the boys learned by watching, they also got advice as well. EXO shared, “Our TVXQ sunbaenims always call us whenever our teaser or music video comes out. They give us advice one person at a time through speaker phone.


“We also had the opportunity to meet our Super Junior sunbaenims in the practice room, and they told us to show them our choreography. We showed it to them, and they responded, ‘To be honest, we asked you to show it to us so we can criticize it, but we have nothing to say,’ and said encouraging words instead.”


Chanyeol added, “This time around, we appeared on a variety show ['Weekly Idol'] with all twelve members for the first time. We asked Kyuhyun sunbaenim for advice. He told us, ‘If you do everything the way hyung tells you to do it, you won’t do well in variety.’ It was a strong sense of support. We’ve heard many good words of advice.”


EXO must have taken those words of advice to heart because they were able to clinch their first win on a music show on the June 14th broadcast of ‘Music Bank‘ as well as June 15th’s ‘Music Core‘!

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