[Pre-debut] Luhan profile on JYP audition site

This is Luhan profile when he auditioned for JYP, found on this site.

Name: Luhan
Division: Shanghai
Occupation: Current high school student
Birthday: 20 April 1990
Height: 176cm
Weight: 120kg (?) i think it’s typo error.
Specialty: Singing
Ambition: Singer

I know I still have a long way to go to become a true singer. But I will try my utmost effort to achieve a good result and learn from the outstanding people. Being a singer is always my dream, I will seize this opportunity. Life cannot be without a dream, especially when we are still young. Since my dream has began, I must endure it till the end, no matter how tough the road is, just calmly face it! My dream has started, I had to firmly tell myself “Work hard! (Fighting!)” At the same time i hope those who knows me, the friends that are familiar with me will support me, bless me. I will work hard!

cr: baidu tieba; trans by onexoplanet


14 thoughts on “[Pre-debut] Luhan profile on JYP audition site

  1. Luhan,i will support you because i like you and i have a same dream as you,that is become a singer….Fighting!! Luhan Oppa >..< and you are a lucky guy because SM found you at shopping central and help to you reach your dream…..chuk ka ham mi da….

  2. Sweet intr0duction..
    Oppa u make me luv u m0re!

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  5. JYP must regret not having debuted this gem!

  6. It probably means 60kg : in chinese there is another weight measurement used more commonly which is called a ‘jin’ and is half a kg

  7. luhan i will support you because i like you i have a singer dream as you and that your dream..oppa fighting…chuk ka ham mi da…

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