EXO mentioned in SMTown Artiste’s Thanks To


Sorry Sorry Album
Kyuhyun: To my trainee dongsaengs, JoonMyeon(Suho)

Bonamana Album
Kyuhyun: Charming Future Artist JoonMyeon….

Mr. Simple Album
Kyuhyun: My love Joonmyeon

The SHINee World Album
Jonghyun: …, lanky lanky Jongin(Kai), I-won’t-write-your-name Joonmyeon ah
Key: My Chan!(Chanyeol), Jongin fighting and work hard, handsome fellow Joonmyeon, Let’s all work hard together and meet at the top!
Minho: … Our lovely little dongsaengs, Jongin, Sehun, Chanyeol, I can’t live without you guys, you don’t need me to say this to know right? Thank you Joonmyeon hyung. Please give us support in future as well.

Lucifer Album 
Onew: Joonmyeon ah himnae.
Jonghyun: Joonmyeon ah, the world is big and has a lot of strong competitors, haha..
Key: Chanyeol, thank you everybody!
Minho: My lovely Joonmyeon, I really treasure you alot, do you know that? Fighting!
Taemin: Ah! Yes, quickly debut(referring to EXO). And you know who I’m talking about right? Little fellows..haha

Pinocchio Album
Sulli: Minseok (Xiumin) oppa who’s currently practicing hard)…Chanyeol oppa.
Krystal: Joonmyeon oppa…
Amber: Joonmyeon oppa, Jongin, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Yixing, Minseok hyung

cr: source: namoo kkun, kimkai, exo baidu bar; trans: jaefan@soompi


13 thoughts on “EXO mentioned in SMTown Artiste’s Thanks To

  1. whoah, Suho seems to be the favourite

  2. Amber: ~~~ Minseok HYUNG.

    Amber unnie, I know that you’re a tomboy…

    … But do you really have to call him HYUNG?!

  3. Amber say K.LI (Kevin Li or KRIS )

  4. Suho is the most favorite trainee (maybe) XD

  5. Why did amber even write MINSEOK HYUNG… O_o

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  7. Why they mentioned exo???

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