Exo-K Baekhyun official site message

Hello everyone I’m EXO-K’s Baekhyun! Since it was suho who left a message yesterday, its my turn today. I would like to thank all the korean fans as well as international fans who have given us support from the start. During this promotion period I’ve really missed everyone! Last week at inkigayo was the first time we interacted with fans and I felt really blessed. To us, all the fan’s support and messages have been really motivating With all your support, I would constantly remind myself to be the respectful, humble and hardworking Baekhyun. Thank you all once again, I really really really love all of you! Ah also, please continue to love and support EXO-M who is now temporarily separated from us. WE ARE ONE! Let’s love EXO together! Biong biong!

cr: trans by heechvl


5 thoughts on “Exo-K Baekhyun official site message

  1. anyohaseyo…i want to wish good luck to all exo members exo k and exo m..really love you all..smile exo hwaiting….

  2. by the way..did alll exo live in same place …i mean in one dorm?or different between exo k and exo m?

    • i’m not sure about this yet. I only know that exo-k and exo-m lives in different dorm, but their dorm might be in the same building. ^^

  3. u guys, lets help exo-k win! search 엑소케이 마마 on any korean search engine (like naver, daum, melon, etc) remember to block/disable cookies while searching! 🙂 fighting exoists!

  4. i dont have much time cuze i have big test coming but when i take breaks i watch EXO big fan EXO 4ever………..

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