Exo-K Chanyeol official site message

Hello! This is EXO-K’s Happy Virus Chanyeol!

It’s been a week since our first performance; we’ve made one complete cycle! We are already receiving such love and attention, I’m so thankful and happy that I don’t know what to do!

After meeting and communicating with our fans through our 100day promotion and our performances, as well as at our fanmeeting and birthday party, it has been so joyous and has made me delighted!

As I am writing this I want to meet everyone again ㅠㅠ I miss you everyone!

Although we lack in many areas as of now, we will surely keep improving as we diligently put in all our effort and practice to show everyone our best selves! And I will never forget my *first-resolutions/intentions, and always be the polite and humble Chanyeol! I hope when everyone watches me they will find happiness!

Please continue to show us your love and interest! I love you, everyone!

Up until now, it has been EXO-K’s **teeth-wealthy, happy virus Chanyeol!

*초심 = first intention, beginning resolution

**치아부자 = literally translates to “teeth-rich” (someone who has many teeth; show many teeth)

cr: trans by wordsofdust


8 thoughts on “Exo-K Chanyeol official site message

  1. exo k- exo m..hwaiting…

  2. chanyeol oppa saranghae u are so cute

  3. I really love EXO

  4. Hey.. @.@ (speechless)

  5. One reply would be perfect. But if you don’t mind.. I could get bonus messages from you unexpectedly.. Hahahaha XD

    Love you~

  6. Im’ma really EXOtic ….. hope reply ? . *•^ …

    KO SILA…

  8. I love you oppa 😍😍

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