[News] EXO-K’s debut barely a week? Their huge popularity is surprising

Within a week of EXO-K’s debut they are boasting their popularity that even some other older singers never reached.

On April 15th during the broadcast of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ (MC’s IU, Daesung & Seungri) EXO-K performed ‘MAMA’.

SM’s rookie group, EXO-K debuted with an outstanding performance of their song ‘MAMA’ and since a past showcase; have been gathering many fans. In particular, at last week’s ‘Inkigayo’ the scene where members stuttered when introducing a song because of nervousness was made a hot topic on the internet and caused the attraction of many fans.

The EXO-K members who recently met with reporters talked about their debut “we are still nervous and shaking on stage but we are trying our best. Please give us lots of love”. At a question asking if they realised the growing popularity since their debut, a response filled with confidence but also humbleness was made “we are only able to feel it slowly, little by little”.

Meanwhile on this day, other artists such as Big Bang, Shinee, 2am, CN BLUE, Sistar, 4 minute, Yangpa&LeeHaeri&HANNA, Janghuiyoung&gilmi, baechigi, Spica, C real, Btob and NUest also performed.

cr: Nate; translated by: Exotic @ CODE:EXO


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