[News] EXO showed their powers

SM Entertainment boygroup EXO recently released the music video of ‘MAMA’. On the scene the member and his symbolic power were introduced. EXO-K powers are Teleportation for Kai, Fire for ChanYeol , Water for Suho, Earth for D.O, a Light for Baekhyun, and a Wind for Sehun. For EXO-M powers, Telepathy for Luhan, Flight for Kris, Healing for Lay, Time Control for Tao, Lightning for Chen,and Frost for Xiu Min.

SM Entertainment already debuted TVXQ last 2004 when a group of oriental images and myths combined in a group and built an image. EXO also debuted with the symbol appearing in the other group was advocating and differentiated image.

cr: nate; trans by xiaoxi @ codeexo


11 thoughts on “[News] EXO showed their powers

  1. I like D.O power and Suho power.

  2. All EXO members are so talented and handsome,…… it’s hard to choose one bias …… I really love them all, but …. I’m in love with KAI. Kai is love. ;DDD ❤

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  4. Isn’t Luhan’s power telekinesis tho

  5. i love baekhyun’s power. LIGHT…


  7. there power is so amazing….

  8. LuHan was telekinesis (moving things with him mind) not telepathy (communicating with his mind)

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