Exo-K Kai official site message

Hello everyone, I am EXO-K’s KkamJong, Kai!

After finishing the recording for The Show and Music Champion, I am back in the dormitory writing this letter to all of you!

Today a lot of fans came and really gave us a lot of support, really thank you!

The screams and fanchants were really loud and I gained a lot of strength from there! You will still like me in the future right?

Today at The Show recording, the distance between us and the fans is really close, so I was able to communicate well.

I was able to take a close look at each and every fan, and I really like how all of you cheered really hard :p

Also, for those of you who are curious about JjangGu (his dog), when I first saw him it reminded me of a cartoon and that’s how the name came about!This is how the name JjangGu came about! He’s a toy poodle, and he’s a male. He’s 4 months younger than MongGu, who is a Malpalryang (a breed of dog). I will upload more pictures in the future!

Being able to be near my fans, I feel really good!To the people that helped us on stage, and to all those that are giving us support, you are in my heart.I am really happy to be on this stage, dancing, and singing. Please give Kai, as well as EXO, more love in the future!

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33 thoughts on “Exo-K Kai official site message

  1. intersting..love exo …hawaiting for you all..saranghae exo…

  2. Hi Kai, I’m a younger girl who lives in France, I ALWAYS look your videos on the net, everyday!! I want to say you: “I love you!! You are very beautiful and you are the best on the EXO”!! You dance and sing very very well. When I look at the EXO’s videos, I just look you! Put more videos on the net for me please. I love you Kai!!! FIGHTING!!!!! Kiiiisssss

  3. Kai you are super!! I like how you dance and sing. You’re the best. You’re the best group. Bye.

  4. i love all EXO members but i like Kai and D.O more than the other we love you please always stay healthy and shining FIGHTING…….EXOholic

  5. I’m really excited and happy because I can write it for you!:)I would not want to talk about how talented you are, because you know it, I want to tell you that you have a big heart and i wish you good luck in the future and that your dreams to come true…Please,rest you,because you look really tired and smile 😀

  6. I think your extremely talented and will always support you and also the other exo members. Stay healthy, rest well and stay strong. Love and support from your fans.
    Kai Fighting
    Exo Fighting!!!!

  7. 건강을 유지 제발.. 사랑해요 ♡
    even though it’s late.. i still hope that u’ll read ma reply
    i’ve loved u for a long time.. but i’m not ur fan 😦
    plz always know that ilu mor’ than anything else in this world
    no matter what happen.. i promise u that i’ll never leave ur side.. keep goin’ and smilin’ oppa.. ilu much ♡
    [ ps: someday i’ll make u realize ma existence.. plz remember and wait for me ◕‿◕ ]

  8. Is it too late? Will you read and reply this?
    Honestly…. I love you from the first sight Kim Jong In
    I don’t know,,, how could you give me some energy like this?!???
    It’s really help cause I’m doing my final project,, Love you
    a lot!!!

  9. hi kai 🙂 i hope, exo will come to the Turkey one day :)) we love u :)) take care yourself 😀

  10. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Jongin ❤
    Exooo ❤ *^^*

  11. I wish I met you Oppa JonginT^T
    I also hope that I have ur autograph one day!!
    Oppa fighting!!
    EXO We Are One Fighting!!!

  12. I love KAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! ❤ I'm just dying everyday of you T_T

  13. Hi Kai ^^, your a really good dancer and when I first saw you dancing I thought “Mmm, he reminds me someone… he has this style like .. MJ?..” I was really surprised when i read that you are his fan! MJ was incredible and he’s in our hearts forever and can surely bet that you will become a great star, just like him 😀
    PD: Don’t forget to come to Panama!
    Love and care:
    ^^ Lisa ❤

  14. Jongin oppa… I can’t stop thinking about you ❤

  15. oppa, i really like your style and your personality..
    KAi oppa fighting 🙂 saranghaeyo ^^

  16. Hi kai oppa~~~~ are you busy with your work? Keep fighting oppa… I always support you… Please don’t worry… I will support you until future… But i hope u won’t forget this fan like i won’t forget you ^^ oh i forget introduce myself, my name sivlin called linlin i’m from cambodia… I don’t mind if u don’t know my country… But if u want to know just check the internet…i have many word in my heart to tell u and all your member… But it’s so long… So now i summarize it for you…. Thank you for make me happy… thanks for make me feel warm even i am alone… Thanks for never leave me… I’ll never leave u until my last breath… Thanks 🙂 i hope u’ll read this oppa… Lin sarang EXO Lin sarang Kai Oppa… ❤️

  17. Happy birthday kim <33

  18. Feliz cumpleaños……Kai bello….!!!!! ♥♥

  19. Hi!Kai oppa.my name is Khine Zin Yu and I’m a little fan girl from Myanmar..
    I love your style very much.Fighting Kai oppa!I always love you and support you…! Saranghaeyo Kai Oppa^_^.

  20. oppa please come to myanmar. please friend with me. and i wanna dance with you. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  21. *sob* will like you and support you 4ever. Hwaiting on your performances.

  22. Hi Kai!! I so look up into you. I have a big crush on you seriously. I hope i could see you in person. I love your voice and you dance really awesome, you have this angst. It always leave me dumbfounded everytime i watch you do your moves. I really really want to see you. ❤ saranghae!!! Hwaiting!!!

  23. heyyy,, The Lost Planet will come to Indonesia “Jakarta”,,,great to hear that,, but i can see the show because it so far from Bali…so be nice and have a great visited in my belove country,,sorry if we don’t have a great city like Seoul… nice to know EXO

  24. Go kai my baby kai

  25. te amo kai ❤ …… jdkdhfkf

  26. I LOVE ❤ YOU KIM Ñ.Ñ :*

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