EXO-M receive 3 single crown awards within 5 days of debut

“EXO-M officially landed in China with their first mini album “MAMA” on the 8th of April; with only just debuting they have swept across China’s major music ranking sites, with each time one of the 3 singles were released on Music V Bang’s website they became weekly champions, an amazing achievement of 3 single crowns, this moment is overwhelming. With this good result it allowed EXO-M to guest in the site’s talk show “Welcome Music”, during the interview not only were they able to receive the trophy to prove their good result, but what’s more also “shared” the authentic Beijing soya bean milk, filling them with happiness.

During the “Welcome Music” show, the host Guo Tao also presented to them a Music V Bang champion’s trophy to reward them for their 3 single crowns’ success on the “What is Love (Chinese Version)”, “History (Chinese Version)” and “MAMA (Chinese Version)” MVs. Leader Kris said: “I didn’t think that we would receive an award just after debuting, it really is a huge encouragement. Thank you to all the fans who have been continuously supporting us, I hope that during the end of year Music V Bang award ceremony we will be able to receive a newcomers award that belongs to us, I hope that fans will continue to support us,” to convey his gratitude towards the fans.

Furthermore, as they claimed relationships to another, they claimed who the “narcissistic brother”, “articulate king”, “forgetful king” etc was. Luhan who was claimed the most had a “penalty” of drinking Beijing’s Dou Zhi. The members firstly passed it around to smell however everyone found it to be too overwhelming. Then finally Tao volunteered to take a little mouthful, since it’s for the brothers to share, he didn’t forget to shout the slogan, “We Are One!” and laughed uncontrollably. At the end of the program, everyone celebrated Luhan’s birthday with him, it was fun.

EXO comes from “EXO Planet”, indicating a new star in the unknown world. M stands for Mandarin, who are performing in China, it includes the 6 people: Kris, Chen, Xiu Min, Tao, Lu Han and Lay. The mini album “MAMA” was composed by a combination of the best composers in Korea, the quality is extremely high. Their good looks and strength should not be underestimated, (I) believe EXO-M’s overflowing popularity will only continue to grow higher!”

cr: exokm.wordpress.com ; trans by mystoxuan@exom-trans; shared by: Hallyu Entertainment News


2 thoughts on “EXO-M receive 3 single crown awards within 5 days of debut

  1. exo k isnt recieving the same love…

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