Exo-M Xiumin official site message

Hello everyone~? I am EXO-M’s XIUMIN.
Because of the loves and supports you all gave us, we will work even harder.
I hope everyone will give us more attentions in the future hehehe ()

We came to Lay’s hometown ‘Changsha(longsand)’ today for the show ‘Happy Camping’s recording.
But also we came to see our fans in ‘Changsha’ as well!! hahaha^^
Oh! Thank you so much to those who made effort came to Beijing’s airport and Changsha’s airport to see us today, your ‘Bun’ XIUMIN!! Will turn everyone’s cares and supports into energy, and records the show happily.
We will do our best till tge end and work our ways up as EXO.
We are one!! Thank you!!

cr: trans by mastermind@tumblr


8 thoughts on “Exo-M Xiumin official site message

  1. Ahh seeing steamed bun’s face brightens my day~<3

  2. Anneyeong Haseyo Xiumin oppa……i want to meet you soon…. lots of love oppa

  3. smileee..~^///^~..hwaiting…

  4. Good Morning.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 KIM MIN SEOK (a.k.a) XIUMIN, BAOZI! 😀 more birthdays to come,wish you all the best, more power, GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL THE MEMBERS OF EXO ❤ 🙂 FIGHTING…SARANGHE ❤ 🙂 ^_^

  5. The Brazil loves you XiuMin

  6. Saranghaeyo oppa Xiumin. You’re my ultimate bias in EXO no matter what.

    ^_^ ❤

  7. Happy Birthday Xiumin oppa. Thank you for being my inspiration. 사랑해요

  8. happy birthday xiumin

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