Exo-M Lay Official site message


Hi everyone, I am EXO’s member, Lay.
We have managed to happily conclude our trip to Changsha.
This is the first time we got to be on a very famous programme, “Happy Camp”, and the “Happy” family, consisting of: the hosts, directors, as well as the production crew, have all been taking care of us well.
Also, I was able to feel the enthusiasm and support from fans from my hometown, and I would like to thank those fans who specially flew all the way here.
To those fans who received us at Incheon Airport, a big thank you!
Keeping this good mood going, we have again received the opportunity to stand with SJ seniors on the same stage.
To be on the same flight as SJ seniors to come to Indonesia, as well as coming here to take part in SJ seniors’ concert(SS4), it is really our honour. The weather is very hot in Indonesia, just like our enthusiasm, it will keep increasing.
We will work even harder, and do even better!
Thank you all who have been so concerned about us~

cr: trans by exoplosion @ twitter


2 thoughts on “Exo-M Lay Official site message

  1. more power EXO-M~


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