Exo-M Tao Official site message

Hi~ our dear fans, hello, I am EXO-M’s Little Kungfu Panda, Tao! Haha

I’m in Indonesia now, have you been missing me, haha..

It’s really hot here, but the atmosphere is really good! Yesterday we attended Super Junior sunbaes’ concert, gosh, it was really great! Super Junior sunbaes’ fans are really passionate. After we finished the concert yesterday, we went for a meal together.

We didn’t feel tired, or strained, why? Because there is you who loves us! We are really touched, thank you for your support, I love you all.

In the future, all 12 of us will meet every single fan around the world who loves us, and let everyone see the EXO that shines on stage ❤

cr: trans by exo-plosion.tumblr.com