[INTERVIEW] EXO-K “I look like Song Joongki, so I got called ‘the mediocre Song Joongki’”

HOT·Shinhwa·DBSK·Super Junior·SHINee….

For the boygroups that SM Entertainment produced, there’s no such word as ‘fail’. They choose a gemstone out of thousands of trainees and polish it for years to make it become a star. The idol groups prepared like this by SM, which is a big company with planned foundations, become the best stars after only a year.

SM Entertainment’s rookie group EXO-K (Suho·D.O·Kai·Chanyeol·Sehun·Baekhyun) did their debut with their first mini-album ‘MAMA’. Not losing to their seniors, they went up to 1st place on music charts. They’re also catching the attention with their different strategy of aiming at the Chinese market too. The 12 members divided into EXO-K and EXO-M, 6 members in each. They are promoting in the two countries at the same time, with the same song and choreography as twin groups. EXO stands for EXOPLANET, a planet out of the solar system, meaning that they’re new stars coming from an unknown planet. EXO-K showed their strong determination saying “We’re worrying thinking about the possibility of us ruining the SM successful legend that our 10-year seniors polished” and “If we had to define our team in one word, it would be ‘Unique’. We will succeed with an image and strategy different from our seniors’”

– It’s been 3 weeks since you debuted.

“During the first week, we couldn’t even find the camera because we were so nervous. Even while performing, we did a lot of big and small mistakes but I think we got a bit more relaxed now. It’s a relief that we got to show the image we worked hard to get ready.”(Suho)

– The happiest moment?

“When we stood on stage for the first time. After practicing for 7 years, it was the stage we were waiting for the most. It was as good and as meaningful as that. Before going on stage, we always shout ‘EXO-K let’s love’ as a fighting. As soon as we got off stage, our legs were shaking because we were exhausted. Our parents too told us ‘We thought our hearts were going to explode.”(Baekhyun)

– It looks like you’re also pressured because you have to be successful no matter what.

“There isn’t a failed case among the idols that came out from SM Entertainment. Because these seniors opened well the path for us, I think we got to debut comfortably. There’s this pressure about the possibility of us ruining this successful legend. But we got a lot of courage while doing the ‘100 days online promotion’. When we saw the foreign fans, we thought ‘We can do it too’.”(Kai)

– Your debut song is already very strong.

“As a song director Yoo Youngjin wrote, it’s been a very long time since the SMP (sm performance) style appeared. There are people who think about DBSK seniors’ first debut when hearing this song, and others that it’s new. Anyway, since lately the trend for the boybands is to debut with a very cute and pretty song, I think we can get more interested in a strong song. I like the orchestra sound’s imposing feeling.”(Sehun)

– Your performances too are great.

“We emphasized on the differentiation. The song in itself has an imposing feeling, so we thought that the performance should be big and bold too. We practiced for around a month but that’s without counting the sleeping time and eating time, it’s really only dancing. When practicing and on stage too, Kai caught well the balance in the center.”(Suho)

– The lyrics criticize the Internet culture.

“It criticizes the bad posts. We accept advices at a reasonable level but all the harsh posts using an ‘anonymous mask’ must disappear. We still couldn’t see the ‘Internet bullying’. We go to see from time to time when we have spare time but I think that fans are still treating us cutely.”(Kai)

– Did your company’s seniors give you advices too?

“DBSK’s U-Know Yunho senior saw the first broadcast and called us from Japan. We put on the speaker phone and listened nervously as he carefully gave us advices on each of our moves and expressions. I think that he’s our warmest senior.”(D.O)

– If you had to show off about your company as SM trainees?

“First, the food is free. Haha. The biggest advantage is that you can receive various trainings. Talented vocal·dance teachers are classified by genre. You can learn one by one, methodically. And aren’t our seniors who debuted before us known for having good manners? That’s because in our company, we receive basic etiquette lessons. There’s a ‘Broadcast Speech’ class, we learn from the basic etiquette to adaptation to any situation.”(Sehun)

– You debuted as a twin group.

“When I first thought about it, I thought that it was original. While thinking it was unique, I got proud too. Since we practiced together from the start, we’re not only saying that we’re twins, we’re really like one team. We can also be friendly rivals. We monitor each other by watching videos of dance practices. I think we improved while pointing out each other’s mistakes.”(Chanyeol)

– If you had to show off the members’ peculiarity?

“I heard that I was a good dancer. If I participated to just a dance competition, I would win. I learnt ballet since second grade so I always thought of being dancer. But seeing Shinhwa seniors dancing, that’s when I got interested in singers.”(Kai)

“Because I look like the actor Song Joongki, I got called ‘mediocre Song Joongki’. Meaning I was a Song Joongki we could meet in your daily life. Haha. During high school I did band music. I also won an award at Bucheon-si’s Rock Festival. I liked music from pop singers like Jamiroquai and Maroon5.”(Baekhyun)

“Until middle school, I was studying well, I was 2~3rd place in my class. Since I had to go to high school and carry out my trainee life at the same time, I put aside studying. But I still think that I was one of the best student among the friends doing arts and sports.”(Suho)

– Your future goal?

“It’s getting the newcomer award. Since it’s an award you can only get once in your lifetime, we absolutely want to receive it. All of our company’s seniors received it so we’re worried about whether we’ll be the only one not receiving it.”(Suho)

cr: source from joins msn; trans by emilie @ exok-trans


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  1. Lovin’ the mama lyrics~
    Aw, i want them to get the rookie award with bap lol -gets bricked-

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