[Interview] My name is Kai, Sehun

My name is Kai. My real name is Kim Jongin.

I was born on January 14, 1994. I have two older sisters who are respectly five and nine years older than me.

By nature, when I’m at home, I’m quite chic and don’t talk a lot. That’s why when they saw me on TV, my sisters told me “It’s the first time I see you this happy” and “Why aren’t you like this when you’re with me?”. I kind of… felt sorry. I miss my mom, my dad and my sisters!

Among my sisters, there is one who was a fervent fan of the Shinhwa seniors and who even owned nude pictures of them. Because my sisters were already really interested in singers, they were really supportive of my choice to become one.

I am the only EXO-K member to have a bronzed skin color. Also… my lips are thick and I have double eyelids. Haha.

When I was young, my parents sent me to a private institude to learn Taekwondo and how to play the piano many times but I couldn’t even endure it for a day and got tired of them. However when I started learning jazz dance by chance, might it snow or rain I would always ask my dad to take me to the institute. I fell for ballet and started learning it in fourth grade after watching “The Nutcracker”.

I had a lot of teasers before debuting but almost no one recognized me. Except that one time when I was out to eat meat with the other members, a person looked at me and said “Uh? Isn’t this Kai?”. Aside from this, I don’t remember seeing someone who recognized me.

Among our members, the most handsome one is Sehun. When he was young, he was just a cute dongsaeng but during the four years we trained together, I looked at him closely once and I was surprised because he was so good looking. I also remember being shocked when I first saw Suho hyung who entered the company first. I told myself “Woah, there are people who really are this handsome”.

Sometimes, fans who are older than me ask me if they can call me “oppa”. These fans look like they’re one to five years older than me. So I just tell them they can. Even though there’s quite a big age gap between my sisters and I and even if I use “hyung” and “nuna” within the company, I am not the kind to be really concerned by the age.

My name is Sehun. My real name is Oh Sehun.

My birthdate is April 12th 1994. I have an older brother who is three years older than me.

The particularity that differentiates me from the other members is… First of all my skin is really white. Ah, this is what Junmyun hyung, no, Suho hyung said. (Baekhyun : Your shoulders are the largest while your waist is the longest). That’s right. (Chanyeol : V-Line). Hm… Help me. Ah! My eyelashes and eyebrows tend to be long horizontically. (Suho : You’re quite handsome. Haha / Baekhyun : He is like a fresh marine boy who looks nice in white and blue.)

The member on which makeup has the best effect is Baekhyun hyung. Just getting his eyeline drawn makes him turn into a new person. That of course doesn’t mean his personality changes. Haha. I am not saying this because Kai hyung complimented me earlier but I honestly think he’s really manly. Also, D.O hyung has a warm image. He’s really considerate and handsome. Chanyeol hyung is bright, while Baekhyun’s charm is one of a mischevious guy. (Chanyeol: I really want to squish Baekhyun ) Finally Junmyun hyung is a really good looking person.

I tend to cover my face a lot. However I get close to people really quickly. As we grow closer, I’m the type to get more talkative and also joke a lot. It’s a complete change right? Hehehe. I tend to be more like this around guys. (Kai: At first, he seemed like it would be difficult to approach him but he’s extremely cute. He has a lot of aegyo). I feel like the youngest position fits me well. (D.O : He might not look like the youngest member but he really is)

It was not like this originally but I’ve had people looking at me when I’d go to play or shop with the other trainees. The reason is, as I had my Sundays off, I would get dressed up and then go out to play. Hahaha.

I don’t gain weight. Usually when the other members want to gain weight, they would manage the way they eat but it has never happened to me nor Kai hyung. (Chanyeol : I don’t gain much weight either. / D.O: All the members except for me just eat.). D.O is quite thourough about self-regulation.

Kai hyung says i am scary when i pretend to talk to myself and speak to him informally. (D.O: Isn’t it one of your cute charms?). He says I do it on purpose but we all end up joking about it. Euhahaha (Kai: He sometimes puts his arms around the hyungs’ shoulders and ask in informal speech “Is it tasty?” / Chanyeol : But he also shows his aegyo and goes “ppuing ppuing” too so it’s okay)

cr: source 10Asia; trans by saphira @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


4 thoughts on “[Interview] My name is Kai, Sehun

  1. i knew kai even before their mv released i like him a lot and i think he is going to be really popular and to be honest i did not like the maknae at first but after a short while i thought he is really cute.

  2. O: Kai your so dead after revealing your sister’s secret xD
    Sehun should be the visual…

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