Exo-M Tao Official site message

To: All the fans who love us in this world

Hi~ This kungfu panda that only knows how to sing, dance and rap is here again.
It was my birthday yesterday,  it is the most memorable, most important and most special birthday in the 19 years of my life.
I have been celebrating my birthday with my family for 18 years, this year I have grown up and I met 11 most precious EXO members in this journey of my life.
I never thought that I would be able to be here today, even though the road is still far, it has always been my own will and belief and also my dream that has supported me till now.
I came to SM, they gave me a chance to debut, and allow me to have 11 brothers that would walk this journey with me, I love them forever!
I was really happy at yesterday’s birthday party, can say that I have never been this happy before.
I am really lucky to have them and you guys, hope that everyone will continue to give EXO attention, I love you all! 사랑해용!! (saying I love you in an aegyo manner)

cr: trans by exo-plosion.tumblr.com


3 thoughts on “Exo-M Tao Official site message

  1. Happy Late Birthday!!!!!!!

  2. tao hen ke’ai! happy birthday to him!

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