Exo-K- ‘6 members, 6 colors’ introducing myself

A new group came out from SM Entertainment 2 years ago, but EXO-K is the first male idolgroup after 4 years. With them appearing, this year’s competition for the rookie singer award is getting even more fierce. They started on March 31st with their showcase, with the song ‘MAMA’ EXO-K is currently promoting, it’s the revival of SM Entertainment’s performance music (SMP) that disappeared after DBSK, this makes the fans emotional. We’re introducing to you EXO-K’s 6 members’ charms that have 6 colors different from the strong men’s image we see on stage.

# The group’s guardian, leader Suho

“My biggest charm is of course my heart that cherishes and loves the members. As the leader who guards the member, my name became Suho (T/N: Guardian in Korean) too. Since I started my training in 2006, I’ve been a trainee for the longest time.”

# Bronzed dancing machine Kai

“My speciality is dancing. Like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, popping, etc. My role in the team is…, the darkness (of his skin)? I’m the one with with the sexy bronzed skin. Isn’t that why I’m the one wearing the sleeveless outfit?(laughs)”

# Musician ‘National Good Teeth’ Chanyeol

“My charms are my low voice and my nice teeth?(laughs) People around me call me ‘National Good Teeth’. I also know how to play the guitar, drums, bass, and the djembe. My specialities are rapping and acting.”

# Eyeliner charming man Baekhyun

“My charm is my eyeline? My double eyelids aren’t really visible. You can feel the eyeliner’s breathtaking charm.(laughs) I’m a man that combines the manliness’ appeal with the hapkido and the sensitivity too with the piano.”

# 3 minutes chef D.O

“My everything is a charm. I’m always sincere. I can even cook well. There’s that cooking that ‘you can do in 3 minutes’. I’m even developping a new menu. Like putting kimchi in the pasta. There’s also the method of serving food when the members are starving.” (T/N: Meaning that everything tastes good when you’re hungry…)

# Milky skin maknae Sehun

“My biggest charm is of course the cuteness that only the maknae can have. As opposed to Kai hyung I have a milky (T/N: Pale) skin. Because I’m really white, when the two of us are standing next to each other, we get called ‘Black and White’.”

cr: source sports korea; trans by emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


3 thoughts on “Exo-K- ‘6 members, 6 colors’ introducing myself

  1. Lmao @ the nicknames
    I wonder what lay’s is since theres doll-faced luhan, min-min/golden/ bun, kung-fu panda tao/peach, chen-chen/orange, kreees/pirate

  2. D.O. is waaaaay more interesting now than the first time he appeared 😀 he got his confidence 🙂

  3. loool Awesome! They’re totally confident in their abilities!
    3mins chef loool instant noodles!
    Eyeline lol he’s like “yeh…that wat they said special about me”

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