Exo-K Baekhyun Official site message



It’s (Honey Baekhyun) who’s happy thanks to all of our fans ! It’s a very beautiful night right ?ㅎㅎ

Every year I used to spend my birthday with my family and friends but today since a lot of fans wished me a happy birthday I was really touched and happy

Moreover it’s my first birthday party after our debut so it felt even more new !

I thought ‘Ah .. so that’s a birthday party’ !

You will come for my next birthday too right ? I’m trusting everyone haha !

I’m not only thankful to the ones who came today but to all the fans who wished me a happy birthday !

Everytime I’m tired and see all of our fans, I feel like I’m getting a power boost !

I feel even more that my dream to be singer ever since I was young wasn’t vain !

It’s all thanks to everyone ! Hoho

There are a lot lot of things I want to tell to each one of our precious fans but….

Because I’m so touched, joyful, and happy, I keep writing this message and ‘I’m happy’ ‘I’m joyful’ ‘I love you’

Since I keep repeating these three sentences, I’m always writing and erasingㅠ.ㅠ

If all of our fans weren’t here, there wouldn’t be now’s happy EXO either !

You will always be with us right? If you don’t stay always with us, I think I’ll be totally .. totally totally !!

Sad. ㅎㅎ Stay with us ! Always ! For life !

Lastly, thank you very very much for wishing me a happy birthday today !!

We will become modest and polite EXO that always work hard and do their best !

Look after us and support us please ! We will always work hard without losing our main goal !

To all of our fans, I love you very very much ㅠ.ㅠ I’m so so happy ! >_< I like it !

cr: source  EXO-K’s Official Website ; trans by emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


5 thoughts on “Exo-K Baekhyun Official site message

  1. Happy Birthday Baekhyun ! fighting…fighting…fighting…..wish you all the best and successful from now and forever !

  2. may God always bless you, protect you from any harms..
    hwaiting!! sleep more! 15h practicing a day is too much!

  3. oppa happy birthday i hope you can celebrate 10000000 years more happily with exo and the fan fighting

  4. happy birthday oppa BAEKHYUN(BACON)..
    i will forever love EXO in mylife and always be a EXOTICS ever..
    hope baekhyun oppa have a good day everwhre u go,and god bless..^_^
    saranghae oppa from NOR NADIA HANIS..

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