[Interview] ‘EXO-K’ a ‘scary planet’ going to become a big star in the singer world appeared

SM showing a boygroup 4 years after ‘SHINee’

The talented members all entered the ‘singer’s path’ since elementary school

Four years after ‘SHINee’ SM Entertainment, the cradle of idol groups, only had to talk about a boygroup to catch the attention. After making a broadscale issue, they could have just appeared at once but they showed themselves little by little during 100 days and let know that huge rookies were coming. The 100 days of wait was worth it.

As soon as they appeared the fans’ interest exploded. Their appearance has been welcomed not only by Korea but by the whole world. The group ‘EXO-K’ entered the singers’ world with their debut album ‘MAMA’ and they’re getting ready to reach the top.

“With ‘EXO-M’ who’s promoting in China, this time was needed for us to show enough of us twelve’s charms and performance. As we entered the 100 days countdown, we could toughen up while thinking ‘We won’t disappoint them’.”

EXO-K comes from the word EXOPLANET which is a planet outside of our solar system. Their twin group EXO-M is focusing on promoting in China with the Chinese version of the same music. This peculiar group is promoting and as expected from them, each member has a special superpower.

Kai has a badge on his chest that permits him to teleport, D.O has a ring that has a beast’s strength, Chanyeol wears a ring that gives him the fire’s power. Sehun has a belt with the wind’s power coming out from it, Suho has the water’s power and Baekhyun has the light’s ability.

“If you watch our title song ‘MAMA”s music video, we’re showing our superpowers well. It can sound childish at first but if you watch it, it’s really cool.”

The title song ‘MAMA’ shows us the SMP’s (SM Performance) essence. It’s balancing an imposing orchestra to a strong performance.

“It’s talking about the heartlessness of the 21st century’s society that’s trapped in digital devices such as cellphones, computer, etc and doesn’t communicate. We’re asking to a god we call ‘MAMA’ who’s the Earth, the mother of the human beings, what do we have to do with this world.”

Seniors such as ‘DBSK’ ‘Super Junior’ ‘SHINee’ who are leading the Hallyu wave and the K-POP craze were generous in advices to their first juniors after a long time.

“Even if he was on an overseas tour, U-Know Yunho senior watched our first broadcast and immediately called us. On speaker phone, he pointed out the lacking areas to each of our members. Since our promotions were overlapping ‘SHINee’ seniors’, they gave us a lot of help.”

They all got determined early to follow the ‘singer’s path’, starting from 6th year of elementary school. The shortest training period was one year but Baekhyun increased his musical diversity by playing in a school band, the leader Suho got the longest training period among them, he trained for 7 years and polished his skills at SM. As for the other members like Sehun and Kai, they got casted in the street during their 6th year of elementary school so they were already in SM’s sights when they auditioned after that in 2nd year of middle school.

“After forming the EXO team, we prepared for 1 year. By debuting this year, even by only standing on the same stage as the seniors we are looking up to is overwhelming. We want to work hard to win the rookie award too.”

I’m this kind of idol


Suho: He’s the group’s leader. He entered SM in 2006 and trained until now. His specialties are acting and golf. He wants to try taking the role of a considerate big brother or a warm-hearted college student.


Baekhyun: He has interest in variety. He’s bright and he’s always the moodmaker. He’s also so skilled in hapkido he can teach it to the other students. He’s a vocal in the group.


Sehun: He started to have interested into becoming a singer when he got casted in the street. After receiving his training, he naturally got interested into acting too. He got intensive trainings in dance and acting.


Kai: He danced various types of dances such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, popping, rocking. At first he wanted to be dancer, but starting from his 6th year of elementary school, he got interested into being singer and learnt the related dance. If he got the opportunity, he wants to do a musical with all of the six members.


D.O: His surname is Do so his stage name became D.O. His hobby was beatboxing since elementary school. During his 2nd year of high school, he won a singing contest and got casted on his way home.


Chanyeol: He can play various instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, djembe, and raps and acts. He liked listening to music ever since he was young, he started playing drums during his 6th year of elementary school. If he got the opportunity, he wants to try promoting as a band in a unit.

cr: source the daily focus; trans by emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


2 thoughts on “[Interview] ‘EXO-K’ a ‘scary planet’ going to become a big star in the singer world appeared

  1. EXO member look really cool as if they aren’t actually from this planet EXO planet i want to go there tooooo

  2. ” If he got the opportunity, he wants to try promoting as a band in a unit.” SM please!! i want this to happen!! TTTTTT

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