[INTERVIEW] EXO-K Chanyeol “No matter how hard it is, I smile like an idiot”

EXO-K’s Chanyeol, his full name is Park Chanyeol, he’s born in November 27, 1992, he’s an A type (blood type), he’s 19, he became a trainee in 2008 through SM’s casting system. His specialities are playing instruments (guitar, drums, bass, djembe, etc), rapping and acting.

We will now reveal the Chanyeol’s Q&A that he did with always a bright face without a crease, he replied to all the questions enthusiastically.

How do you pronounce ‘Chanyeol’?
▲ (Chanyeol asked to the members “Call me once” while turning around, he asked to each of the members to call his name) It’s a bit ambiguous because my mother calls me ‘Chan-nyeol’ while my big sister calls me ‘Cha-nyeol’. You can pronounce it both ways but I think calling me ‘Chan-nyeol’ is better.

– You seem to be always bright.
▲ I usually react to everything while smiling without getting angry. No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot..(Baekhyun next to him called him idiot)

– We heard that the fans gave you the nickname ‘Teeth Rich’.
▲ I know about that too. When I left a message on EXO-K’s homepage, I wrote ‘Teeth Rich’ (T/N: He used a different Korean word for ‘Teeth’ he used ‘Chia’ while in the question they used ‘Ippal’) too. I did some research and found out that ‘Ippal’ was used for animals.

– When did you start being so tall?
▲ I stopped growing around 2 years ago. I think it was during my 3rd year of high school, it stopped at 185cm. I wasn’t tall ever since I was young, I only started being tall during my 3rd year of middle school. During my 1st and 2nd year of middle school I was rather small.

– You appeared in SNSD’s japanese music video for ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and in Taetiseo’s ‘Twinkle’ too, your acting is pretty good?
▲ Thank you. I’m doing my best so I can challenge acting later on too.

– A musician you admire?
▲ There are two international singers I admire, the singer-songwriter Jason Mraz and Eminem.

– Is there anything you want to say?
▲ (Chanyeol thought for a moment while saying “Hum..”) Tell to the fans I love them please.

cr: source newsen; trans by emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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  1. we EXOTICS love u to..^_^”

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