[INTERVIEW] EXO-K “Dreaming of becoming singers since elementary school.. we want to rule over the whole world”

SM Entertainment ambitiously released a new group, EXO-K, they’re ending their 5th week of official promotions.

Their imposing debut song ‘MAMA’ is the first performance song after a long time while the trend is at hook songs, EXO-K members’ whose average age is 20 years old are gathering fangirls by showing a strong choreography and charisma. The six members said bashfully while laughing about the debut showcase they had a month ago, when they were still very shy, “Now we adapted to a certain extent to the celebrities’ lives”.

“Because at first we were dancing in front of the camera for the first time, we couldn’t find the camera’s light. But now we improved a bit. We can know find the light quickly. (laughs) Now I think our gestures too are more relaxed now.”(Kai)

Becoming singers recognized worldwide being their main goal, they’ve focused and ran towards their dreams to become singers since primary school. Singers likes DBSK or Rain had a crucial influence on them.

“Ever since primary school, I watched the DBSK seniors’ ‘Hug’ and admired how handsome they were. I’ve liked music ever since I was young so I learned how to play instruments. I joined a band during middle school and when I was in my first year of high school, I entered SM Entertainment and trained for four years.” (Chanyeol)

“I started learning jazz dance in 2nd grade. However in 6th grade, I decided to become a singer and went through auditions to enter SM. Since I was too young, I was told to come back one year later if my dream still didn’t change. That time, since I did ballet, it was hard to be picked right away (laughs). It’s thanks to the Shinhwa seniors I got interested in dance and I recently managed to meet and even shake hands with them. I was really happy.” (Kai)

“My dream ever since primary school was also to become a singer. Just like this, I joined SM during middle school after being cast. At that time, I also worked hard at school. (laughs). I was always ranked in the 5 best students but since I had to train to become a singer, it was really hard.

“Seeing Rain senior made me want to become a singer. I went through a lot of auditions during middle school but the results were not good. During high school, I joined a band and as I planned to study Music in college, I got cast by SM on my way to take the exam. It’s still amazing to me when I think of it.”Baekhyun”

“I’ve also started singing in elementary school. In my second year of high schol, I participated to a youth song festival and won. This is how I got to enter SM” (D.O)

The youngest member, Sehun, is an exception. He was walking down the streets and eating ddukbokki like he often does and got “street cast”.

“At that time, I didn’t really care about singers. Hereafter, after going through SM four times in 2 years, I managed to get into SM. As I was going through my training, my interest [in being a singer] grew and I am really working hard right now.” (Sehun)

The members lived together with EXO-M who is currently promoting in China. They gathered with the Chinese members and waited for the day they would finally debut. They also revealed that the 12 members’ goal was to come together and promote all over the world.

“I want to feel the fans’ cheers get louder everytime we stand on stage. We are really thankful and we are always thinking of a way to improve. But first of all, our first aim this year is to get the rookie award!” (Kai)

cr: source Osen ; trans by emilie & saphira @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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