[INTERVIEW] EXO-K’s leader Suho: “I also want to speak naturally” (120503)

Leader Suho who guards EXO-K’s members, his real name is Kim Joonmyun, he’s born on May 22nd, 1991, his blood type is AB, he’s 20 years old.

After entering SM Entertainment through the casting system, Suho trained for seven years. He is the member among both EXO-K and EXO-M whose training period was the longest.

“It feels great and I am really happy to debut with my nice dongsaengs and members. This period of seven years was frustrating but it was also a valuable moment in which I could construct myself both internally and externally as well as improve my lacking skills.”

His specialites are acting and golf. He is currently taking some time off from the Korean National University of Arts where he was learning acting to focus on his career.

Suho is the member from EXO-K who has the most connections with his seniors from SM. He even appeared in Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s thanks to section. When asked if he was a part of the Kyu-line (Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s line that includes celebrities such as DBSK’s Changmin, SHINee’s Minho etc) or not, Suho replied “He [Kyuhyun] is a hyung I’ve been close to for a while”

As he’s the leader, meaning he needs to speak well, Suho revealed he slowly started to read the dictionary with a big smile. Because of this, he gained the nickname “Sunnouncer” (T/N : Suho + Announcer). Besides, he was also dubbed as “Esuhort” (T/N: Suho + Escort) because of the way he takes care of the other members and how he treats his seniors in a well-mannered way.

When asked if he knew about the fact he already has this many nicknames, Suho replied he knew of “Esuhort” and revealed, blushing, “When we get questions, I have to talk about serious and important matters. I also want to talk naturally but most of my replies are models because I learned them by heart. I think it’s because I’m too worried [about the way I speak]” with an embarrassed smile because he doesn’t know why he behaves like this.

To the question “Who are the artists you respect the most”, Suho replied, as expected, DBSK’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Leeteuk who are also the leaders of their teams.

Suho later added, “I want to learn how to have the same charisma and ability to overwhelm the audience as Yunho senior. Since Leeteuk senior is good at speaking, I want to learn how to be eloquent like him”, expressing his respect for his seniors.

cr: source newsen; trans by saphira @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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