EXO surpasses 100,000 copies in debut album sales

Just a month into its release, EXO-K and EXO-M have managed to surpass 100,000 copies in sales of their debut album, ‘MAMA‘!

According to SM Entertainment, the boys’ mini-album, which was released on April 9th, has currently recorded 71,473 copies in sales of the Korean version and 38,807 copies in sales of the Chinese version, amounting to a grand total of 110,280 copies.

It’s not surprising to hear about the impressive numbers considering that the boys have shown talented performances right from the get-go.

In related news, EXO-K will be performing on every music program this week in addition to participating in the ‘2012 Dream Concert‘ on May 12th.

cr: source + Photos Star Today via Nate; via allkpop


7 thoughts on “EXO surpasses 100,000 copies in debut album sales

  1. Please post more about EXO M news, video and photo. We love 12 boys, they are one.

    • yes…12 boys are so charming and talent…..we love both…..

    • yes. i’ve always try to update both exo-k and exo-m news. (in fact my bias is in exo-m).. I only update official videos/news, and it seems like exo-k has more activities than exo-m. that’s kinda sad but dont worry much ^^ i will update both

  2. Congratulation to you both for haivng such good sales debut album…YOU ARE ONE….we will support you all……fighting…fighting…

  3. Hi Exo Planet,

    I really like this fans website cos informations are very updated. Would like to know if this is Exo official fans website? Thanks for your reply !

    • hello! 🙂 i’m glad that you like this fansite but this is not official 🙂 I did this blog just to keep everyone update on exo news. ^^ Really thanks for your support. I will continue to do my best 🙂 And do reccommend other exo fans to support this site too. ^^ Have a nice day

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