[INTERVIEW] EXO-K’s D.O “I really can’t watch the ‘superior orchestra’ video”

EXO-K’s D.O’s real name is Do Kyungsoo, he’s born on January 12th 1993, his blood type is A. He was selected through SM’s casting system in 2010 and then started to prepare to become a singer. His specialities are singing and beatboxing.

It’s interesting to know how D.O got his stage name but somehow, rather than his nickname, his real name is easier to say. D.O as well said “Truthfully, I can’t get used to it either. The members too call me by my real name more than my stage name” and Chanyeol next to him agreed and added “We’re not familiar with it either”.

On April 8th, at SBS ‘Inkigayo’, the day they had their debut stage, D.O’s ‘superior orchestra’ interview left a deep impression and it made us want to meet him the most. His anxious image when he gets ready for each interview is easily noticeable and it gives him a cute little brotherly feeling.

It wasn’t like that during the (debut stage’s) rehearsal. I personally think I did well during the rehearsal but thinking it was a live broadcast, I couldn’t remember the word “imposing”, I could only remember it started with “im” (T/N: The words “imposing” and “superior” start the same way in Korean Woongjanghan/Woowolhan). I couldn’t remember how you said it. I really can’t watch that video.”

Because of his big eyes, D.O gives a strong ‘kind and weak’ feeling but he also looks very stubborn “We had to post a message on our official homepage and I told them to write “Heart” but then I saw they changed it to an emoticon. So I asked them to change it back to “Heart”. I don’t really like emoticons.”

When we asked D.O what musician he was looking up to, he replied Yoo Youngjin who’s working at SM. D.O said “I saw him write and compose for our upcoming ‘MAMA’ promotions as we recorded, I thought he was someone I really had a lot to learn from. I admire him a lot.”

During this interview that wasn’t a broadcast, he didn’t look nervous at all and talked nicely but at the sudden question ‘Is there anything you want to say?’, he gave us again a model answer “Give us a lot of love and attention, please” raising a laugh.

cr: source newsen; trans by emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


One thought on “[INTERVIEW] EXO-K’s D.O “I really can’t watch the ‘superior orchestra’ video”

  1. D.O your the best EXO 4ever

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