[INTERVIEW] EXO-K’s manual 2 D.O – Kai – Sehun (120511)


Born in 1993, D.O (Real name: Do Kyungsoo) is a boy who likes to sing. He won a singing competition during high school, was cast thereafter and debuted as an EXO-K member after training for two years. To enter SM Entertainment, he only sang ballads such as Na Yoon Kwon’s ‘Anticipation’ or Brown Eyed Soul’s ‘My Story’ but listening to various songs made him want to dance.

D.O is friends with BTOB’s Im Hyunshik who debuted around a similar period. The two of them even met during music programs. D.O explained “When we were still at school we would meet because we used to sing to each other but now, we both realized our dream.” and “I now see (Hyunshik) on music programs so it feels weird”. He then added “I am really happy to be able to sing on stage and receive the audience’s cheers” and “Even though I am still lacking, I will work hard”.


This is Kai (Real name: Kim Jongin) who was born in January 1994 and firmly believes he can teleport. He started learning jazz dance and ballet in grade 2 and after watching <The Nutcracker> in grade 4 he planned to major in ballet. His turning point was ‘Shinhwa’. Kai decided to become a singer after watching his Shinhwa seniors dance and auditioned for the first time in grade 6 to finally get accepted during his second year of middle school.

“I think the base of all dances can be found in ballet and jazz dance so I recommended [these two dances] to the other members”. Kai added “When I first entered the company, I learned popping and locking but it was really awkward during the first two months” and “Fortunately, I found my balance after practicing”. When asked to pick who were the members with the most talent in dance, Kai chosed Sehun, Baekhyun and D.O.


Sehun (Real name: Oh Sehun) was born in April 1994 and is EXO-K’s maknae. Cast in the streets during grade 6, he went through auditions four times in two years and became an SM Entertainment trainee during his second year of middle school. The very shy Sehun who always covers his face started to get more into dance after hearing his dance trainers’ say “You are talented. Try doing it well”.

“Even now, I am still surprised to see myself on TV” Sehun revealed. When asked about what changed after his debut, he replied “I look into the mirror a lot”. He added that he would look into the mirror before going on stage and before meeting his fans. Sehun then finally concluded “I am also more careful when it comes to my behavior”.

cr: source Oh My News; trans by saphira @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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