Exo-K Suho wrote on official board


Hello. I am EXO’s guardian Suho!!^^

First of all, thank you for wishing me happy birthday today !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since it was my first birthday after my debut and since I spent it with my members and fans, this was the most meaningful, memorable and happiest birthday of my life.

During the SM Town concert in the US, a lot of international fans also wished me a happy birthday„

Once again thank you ! We will work harder in order to repay all the fans’ love through our music and performances.

I will always be a leader who guards both the members and the fans and who takes responsability of you all.

Thank you! I love you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♡

cr: source EXO-K’s Official Website; trans by saphira @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


One thought on “Exo-K Suho wrote on official board

  1. Happy Birthday SuHo ! For sure, you all will be paid off with your hard working and amazing performance, fighting !

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