Exo-K’s Kai wrote on fanboard

Hello. I’m EXO-K KAI
The times you guys spend with us today, Is it fun?!
Its a special time for me too!
Tomorrow we’re going to Music Core and shooting for Genie AR, do you know it?
We’re really looking forward to it.
And the promise that i gave to you guys, do you remember?
Today Mongu and Jjanggu picture revealed!


In the future please give EXO a lot of love
I, Kai too please give a lot of love
I really like everyone ~~~><
EXO-K Lets Love~~!


P.S Please find a pretty modifier that suits me well!
There is a present for the winner,right? ㅎㅎ

cr: smtown site; trans by minwifey


3 thoughts on “Exo-K’s Kai wrote on fanboard

  1. ㅋㅋㅋ both hav choco-milk skin/fur
    n they say a dog looks like its master

  2. what modifier? guys I don’t get it T_T

  3. kai look as cool as ever……EXO

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