Exo-M weibo/facebook update


Weibo: “EXO-M首次参加节目至今已经有50天了, 一直很感谢大家献上的爱与支持! 请记得EXO-M首次的电视节目~ 我们会不忘初心, 一直努力地做下去”

Facebook: “It has been about 50 days since EXO-M made a debut. Thank you for all of your support! EXO-M will always try not to forget their first resolution. Here are the pictures of EXO-M members when they made the first TV debut. :)”

cr: exo-m facebk, weibo


2 thoughts on “Exo-M weibo/facebook update

  1. lol @Luhan!! haha. XP

  2. lots of debut and resolution coming to you guys…..fighting ! IoI

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