EXO-K “You won’t be able to escape from our charms” (Interview Part 1)

SM’s new boy group has been standing in the middle of hot topics since their debut was announced. SM, the ‘Master of Idols’, has released a new group and the attention being received by fans and music representatives is explosive.

EXO has been different from the start. The order of which the members of EXO were revealed was different compared to other idol groups’ promotions. The members have been revealed one by one through photos and teasers instead of being revealed at once, starting with Kai. It has been 100 days from the start of their teasers till their debut stage, the showcase. Just like the saying ‘bears grow by eating artemesia and garlic’, EXO grew up by eating teasers and photos.

Followed by the kings of teenagers, the myth of idols, a god from the east, a super rainfall of the music industry, shining idols; SM’s new future are the boys from the alien world who possess superpowers. They are divided into K and M to take over the world.

We firstly met up with EXO-K, which consists of Kai, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun and D.O. They debuted with the song ‘MAMA’.

All six members have their own special skills. Kai has teleportation skills, Sehun controls wind, Suho controls water, Baekhyun controls light, Chanyeol controls fire, and D.O controls strength.

Suho has stated, “Even though we look silly and childish, I’m still proud of it.” The leader spoke with utmost confidence. Kai has also said, “It’s quite unbelievable. Its unbelievable but we really do have superpowers.”

When asked what they thought about other people’s powers, Kai had stated, “Even though I’m satisified with my own powers, I’m somewhat jealous of EXO-M’s Tao’s power. Being able to sleep and rest a lot, and even being able to rewind time and do a better job at the live broadcasts of music programs. I wish it was real,” and Baekhyun had also added, “I’m jealous of EXO-M’s Luhan’s power. Because when we’re lazy we can just move things towards ourselves,” he spoke while laughing.

SM’s new boygroup has been receiving as much attention as their seniors, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, amongst others. And that is when they had confessed that it was a huge burden.

“There is a huge burden on our chests, of course. Because all of our seniors are doing so well, we sort of wonder if we can do the same. And also because of the 100 day promotion, all expectations shot up really high, so we were extremely worried. But it seems as if during the period of our waiting, we worked really hard,” Chanyeol had stated.

“Of course there were lots of burdens on us. We all spent quite a while in the company and we all want to be like our seniors, so there were a lot of worries. It would be great if we could be as good as our seniors. (smiles)”

The attention they’ve been receiving is getting bigger as it’s been a while since SM’s latest group debut. We even spotted SHINee fully monitoring EXO-K’s stage at KBS 2TV’s Music Bank and giving them advice, which gave off a heartwarming atmosphere.

“Senior U-Know Yunho called us after our first broadcast on ‘Inkigayo’. He called after monitoring us during his stay in Japan for his concert at Tokyo Dome,” Chanyeol said, seemingly overwhelmed. “We listened to it together in the practice room on speakerphone. It was touching because he gave advice to each member.”

EXO-M and EXO-K are like a team yet a family despite the fact that EXO-M are far away in China. When asked about EXO-M, they had given us a serious answer.

“Brothers? It’s our other half. Since we are one team. I think we can also call them our reflection in the water or a mirror? We are currently doing what we can in Korea and China, but I think we can do better on stage together.”

EXO-K does not feel a language barrier with EXO-M even though there are two Korean members (Chen and Xiumin) within the group. They made us laugh by saying “We have to improve our Chinese if the Chinese members are there but it’s more like us learning Korean since they are so good in Korean.”

“K and M use different languages, and the visuals and atmosphere is also different. The tone of the songs and performances are different as well. If you listen to K and M, the songs feel completely different. I think EXO’s strong point is being one team with completely different charms.” (Suho)

There has been flood of boy groups in 2012. What is EXO’s weapon to stay on top of those male idol groups? Baekhyun explained, “The best part is having K and M promoting at the same time with one song but in different languages.” Chanyeol caused laughter after saying “Each idol group has a visual representative but us EXO-K are all visual representatives,” and “It’s an ant hell. You cannot escape from it,” and showing his intense gaze.

“Our goal for this year is the Rookie Award. EXO-K will work harder with promotions. We will show our hardworking sides by responding to the big amount of love you’re giving us. And we will always be a modest EXO-K. We will become a cool group that will not lose its roots and is always well-mannered.”

The energetic six boys coming from outer space have already started taking over the Korean music industry. EXO-K’s ‘this star like the earth’ and ‘the history created by six boys’ starts now.

Source: Joynews
Translation: xiushipao + sunnybun @ CODE:EXO
Reup: jean22s @ CODE:EXO
Editor: luluhyung @ CODE:EXO


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