Extraterrestrial boys EXO-K, Charm Investigation Dictionary – Suho, Kai, D.O (Interview Part 2)

Someone said this when we said that we’ll meet EXO-K: “What did you eat to be this good looking?” We were asking really ourselves ‘What did you eat to be this good looking?’ after the members jokingly said “All six members are visuals”. But EXO-K’s answer was, “We just eat food.” It seems like the famous saying wasn’t wrong: a person who can make it will make it.


Full name is Kim Junmyeon. Born on the 22nd of May 1991. 174cm. He started his training at SM in 2006 and has the longest trainee period out of all the members in EXO-K.

His hobbies and specialities are acting and golf. Due to his luxurious hobby as a golfer from his Level 8 rank in Kangnam Golf, he is also named as ‘Just Rich’. According to Kai, Suho was born to be a leader. “I had spent 5 years with him as a trainee and he bought me a lot of delicious food. He is rich,” he had said, hence his nickname ‘Just Rich’ but his eyes twinkled whilst saying, “I wasn’t close with Suho-hyung for 2 years, but I thought of him as a great hyung after he bought me food, and from then onwards we became close. I admire him.” ‘Free’ was the leader’s first qualification and told them to fill their stomachs. Suho made an agreement that he will take responsibility for the members in case any warnings come to pass them by, and from that day on, he was already holding the title of a leader.

Leader Suho has powers but he is concerned over the members’ elementary-student-like taste in food. The members like to eat chicken, pizza and ham hocks for snacks, and to this, Suho said, “The members use their powers but their tastes are just like that of primary school students.”

Suho has other nicknames such as JunMen and MyunChael, which are Junmyun+Amen and Junmyun+Michael respectively. JunMen and MyunChael started off when people said that his stage presence and expressions are saintly. There is also Junmyun+Sungmo Maria (Saint Mary) which makes Junmomaria. Suho said that he is quite satisfied with those nicknames but Joynews24 couldn’t fully confirm that.

Before debut, Suho was said to be in charge of talking within the team. Suho seemed to be at a loss for words after his other members started taking charge, even though he has just done a little talking at the showcase and their ‘Music Bank’ interview. The reporter commented, “You don’t seem to talk much these days,” but he responded in a sad tone by saying “The dongsaengs are so good in talking that I’ve lost my place. I shall be better in organizing and being a pillar of support.”

According to the members, Suho is in charge of being serious, quality, model, taking the lead and hugs. EXO-K members picked his luxurious yet soft side when he has charisma as his biggest charm.

Suho’s weakness is losing at rock, paper, scissors. Suho usually loses when they do rock, paper, scissors to see who will clear up the mess after having a snack. “They are already on top of me. I am losing just for the dongsaengs,” he backlashed. We then decided to have a rock, paper, scissors game between the reporter and Suho. The reporter won. Suho then nodded to what the dongsaengs said, “We already know hyung’s rock, paper, scissor pattern.”


Full name is Kim Jongin. Born on the 14th of January 1994. Standing at 182cm, he won SM’s 10th Teenager Dance Battle Competition. He also won the popularity award which already gave him the light to succeed as a star. He is the member with the second-longest trainee period after Suho. He is friends with Taemin but he has captured lots of noonas, aunt fans in their 20’s to 30’s, with his performance and sexy expressions. He is a person with dangerous charms that makes people keep the word ‘oppa’ in front of him. The reality is that he is in the maknae line of EXO-K.

He has the nickname ‘Dancing Machine’, just like how we was named ‘dance jjang’ with his outstanding dance skills. His other nickname is ‘Teaser Rich’. He had appeared in 12 of the 23 teasers and was the first member to be revealed in the series of teasers. He was in 50% of them. This is the reason why he is called ‘Teaser Rich’.

Kai wasn’t used to the name ‘Kai’ given by the office so he wasn’t even able to call himself ‘Kai’. He smiled like a child saying, “I like an anime called ‘Top Blade’ and my favorite character in the anime is also called Kai. It feels good to have the same name.” You’re not allowed to forget that Kai is a 94-er. Let’s forget the fact that he would not like animes because he is 19 and an oppa.

His hobbies and specialities are dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, locking etc. and he is able to do various dances. This is why Kai is in the center of EXO-K when it comes to performances.

Kai was ranked 1st among the members with the most charisma. Kai was happy and nodded, saying, “I am 1st when it comes to charisma.” Suho complimented him by saying, “I can feel his charisma on stage. His dark skin is sexy. He is good at performances and he has this expression to act out,” and “I got goosebumps in the part of the music video when Kai has a solo soot in the ‘MAMA’ part because it was so cool.” On the other hand, he was ranked last in terms aegyo. This is because he doesn’t have any aegyo.

Kai is in charge of sexiness in the group. Kai said, “At first I opposed to it, but now I quit that and am following up with it.” He is a man who can catch up with this easily.


Full name is Do Kyungsoo. He was born on the 12th of January 1993. He stands at 174cm. He and Baekhyun have the shortest trainee period within the group, with one year after starting in 2010. You can often see him on posts with the title ‘The Celebrity Who Finds Fans Fascinating’. D.O’s trademark is his eyes popping out after seeing his fans. There is even a photo of D.O with the file named ‘A_celebrity_of_the_peninsula_finding_fans_fascinating.jpg’. D.O’s small accident with ‘Superior Orchestra’ on ‘Inkigayo’ had also become one of the fans and D.O’s restricted videos.

D.O’s stage name comes from his last name ‘Do’ with the letters separated and said separately. His hobbies and specialities are singing and beatboxing.

Due to his big eyes and its clean white parts, he is nicknamed ‘Rich in Whites’. Unlike his charisma on stage, he is very shy and has spoken the least in this interview. When we asked him specific questions, he rolled his eyes and showed a bit of his shy cuteness. He still seems fascinated by interviews and fans.

D.O looks like he’d have a lot of aegyo but he doesn’t. According to the members, he is just cute. The members of EXO-K said, “His surprised expressions when he sees his fans off-stage are cute,” and “He looks unexpectedly cute in the photos taken by the fans. He has no aegyo though.”

D.O is the mother of EXO-K. He is in charge of cooking. He gives off the vibe of a mother when he looks after the members. If the members are sick or hurt, he’d get medicine right away to show his concern. Being able to cook well is D.O’s charm. The members said that he is especially good at cooking spaghetti.

The members complimented him by saying that D.O is versatile, but “He is not completely good at one dish.” D.O’s eyes grew bigger to EXO-K’s words. “He isn’t completely good at one thing but he is good at various things. It’s very delicious but there’s nothing that stands out.”

Source: Joynews
Translation: sunnybun @ CODE:EXO
Reup: jean22s @ CODE:EXO
Editor: luluhyung @ CODE:EXO


One thought on “Extraterrestrial boys EXO-K, Charm Investigation Dictionary – Suho, Kai, D.O (Interview Part 2)

  1. I shit you not but when I first heard of exo and Kai, the first thing that popped up in my head was Kai from Bey Blade. He was my favourite character from that anime too. And to know that Kai thought of his name and the character the same way just makes me so happy right now!! Yay!! ( even though its really nothing. kheekhee)

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