Exo-K Suho wrote on official site

Hello everyone! I am EXO-K’s leader, Suho!
Although it is very short….! Being able to speak with everyone like this, I am very happy!
Not just for today’s broadcast, but for the fans that always come to give us support, thank you so much!
It is nearing our last broadcast tomorrow, I’m very sad that we can’t put up more performances for everyone, but it is okay!
EXO will always think of everyone, and work hard towards our next album!
And everyone, you’ll be coming for the fanmeet after Inkigayo tmr right?
I really want to see everyone, there will be a lot of people coming right?
EXO-K has also prepared a special event hahaha.
That’s all for now, all the support during the broadcasts have given us a lot of strength!
Please support us also in the future!
Support us!!! Got it?!!!!
Please support EXO a lot in the future!
The always hardworking, dependable leader, Suho.

cr: translated by exo-plosion.tumblr.com
Please take out with full credits.


One thought on “Exo-K Suho wrote on official site

  1. oppa you must be the best leader ever EXO 4ever

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