Exo on Happy Camp (Official news photos)


On 3rd July at <<Happy Camp>> night recording for the 15th Anniversary, Exo finally stood on the stage in china for the first time. After Exo-M has make their first appearance in China, fans also hope to see Exo-K. This time, <<Happy Camp>> finally grant the fans wish. On the day of the recording, the price of the tickets has increased up to 2900 RMB. At the recording, 12 members make their appearance and sang “MAMA”. After the game section, the hosts and Exo challenge the game “fireline impact^”

^ not sure how to translate it. but you can see what the game is about from the pictures above ^^

cr: hunantv; trans by onexoplanet


2 thoughts on “Exo on Happy Camp (Official news photos)

  1. i think they look better when they perform together

  2. Wow….. Awesome ! Desperately want to see the video soon !

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