Exo-M Xiumin on Fashion Life weibo update

#明星生活#EXO-M的成员金珉硕XIU MIN皮肤好得让女生都嫉妒,1990年出生的他虽然不是组合中年纪最小的一个,但看上去总是那么楚楚可人.圆圆脸的他因为爱吃包子还被冠上了”包子”这个绰号,不过跟他可爱的个性倒是十分贴合.当被人说长像WONDER GIRLS里的昭熙时,他的笑容更显羞涩.

#Starlife# Exo-M’s member Xiumin’s skin is so good that it makes women jealous. Born in 1990, although he is not the youngest in the group, when look at him, he’s pleasing looking. The round face Xiumin loves eating steamed bun, which makes he getting “baozi” as nickname, and it fits his cuteness perfectly. When said that he looks like Wondergirls’ Sohee, his smile is especially shy.

cr: fashionlife; trans by onexoplanet


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