Exo-M Chuseok Message (Translations)

Tao: Hello. Hello everyone. I am EXO-M’s Romantic Kungfu Panda Tao.
It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival! I hope that everyone in the world can be happy♥! Moon cakes~~ eat tasty things!! Spend every day well with your family happily and peacefully forever.

The Tao who loves you.
I love you kekeke.

Chen: Gather at one place with your whole family
Talk with them!
Eat a~lot of tasty food!
But you can’t have stomachache!! ^^
Everyone, spend a joyful Chuseok~♥

Lay: Everyone have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
I hope everyone is happy~ Spending a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with their family~
Eat a lot of moon cakes~ because they’re yummy ^^
~And also because of a reunion~ “♥”
Spend a nice Chuseok~ ♥_♥

Lu Han: Hello everyone! I am EXO-M’s Lu Han!
It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival! Here I’ll wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival beforehand!~
I hope that every single person can have a reunion with their family, what else can be more important than being together with your family? Haha~
Alright, I won’t say anymore, my heart that loves you will never change! ♥
To all Korean fans! Spend a nice Chuseok ^_^ I love you ♥ keke.

Xiumin: This is Baozi ‘XIUMIN’ !
Everyone ! Chuseok has now arrived >< kukuku
Eat a lot of delicious food and please love our EXO-M more.
We are hungry for everyone’s love ^_^
So, have a happy and pleasant ‘Chuseok’~

-Yours truly, Xiumin-

Kris: My dear friends happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
Even though we can’t spend it together but… My “♥” is with you~ We are One ^^.
I wish you all will go through every day enrichingly. Have a nice Chuseok and be happy! Have a good one ^_^


source; exo-m’s official site
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans, emilie + saphira @exok-trans
please take out with full credits. 


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