[Pre-debut] Compilation of D.O photos

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4 thoughts on “[Pre-debut] Compilation of D.O photos

  1. My KYUNGSOO will always be cute.. 😀 When I first saw him I said to myself, “HOW CAN A HUMAN LOOK SO ANGELIC?” 😀 Turns out he ISN’T human. 😀 HE’S AN ANGEL!! 😀 :”> ❤

  2. Wow.. Nothing much change.. He is cute alright, no he is always cute!! 😀 Why is he so cute ?? Oh !! Kyung Soo, the minute I saw you, I said, ” Wow, that kid is cute !! But, isn’t he too young to join a K-pop grup?”…. Turns out, you were 19 by that time !! I thought that you were like 14 or maybe 15 years old !! But, no matter what, I’ll always support D.O and EXO.. EXO, All the best !! 😀 ❤


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