[121025/26] Exo-K Sehun and Kai messages on fanboard

121026 – FROM KAI

Hello. It’s EXO-K’s KAI.

It’s been a while everyone~ You’re all doing well right?
I was really happy to talk to all of you after such a long time~

I might even come again because I’m so happy so„ always be ready!!

Did you all see MAXSTEP’s teaser that was released today?
I really did my best to prepare so love the music video that will be released soon a lot too please~

And there’s not much time left before the SAT exam.
Good luck to all the students who are taking the exams and I will pray for you to get good results!

Love EXO a lot, we will become KAI and EXO who always work hard.
Be careful not to catch a cold~


121025 – FROM SEHUN

How was the time you spent with me?
Because I got to talk with all of you after a long time
I was really happy!!
And we’re doing our best preparing the album so look forward to it!!

These days the temperature differences between night and day are really high so be careful not to catch a cold!! Wear warm clothes to go out
I think I’ll have to go practice with the other members now!

I’m always thankful to the fans who love EXO and I love you~
You’re going to wait until we come back to your side right? Haha~~
Alright bye bye~~

cr: source: exo-k’s official website
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans


One thought on “[121025/26] Exo-K Sehun and Kai messages on fanboard


    -LOVE PAMITA ♥♥♥

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