Exo-K’s Sehun’s message on official site

130207 – Sehun : “Hello this is EXO’s maknae Sehun!”

Everyone!!!!!!! First of all before greeting you~ I love you and thank you. ᄒᄒ

Hello this is EXO’s maknae Sehun.

What day is it today? (The graduation ceremony~~~)

Yes~~ I had my high school graduation ceremony today! Ha~ I feel really weird.

I feel really nice but at the same time regretful…

However since my parents, the EXO members, our managers and even my friends came, I feel like I’ve spent quite a joyful graduation ceremony. ᄒᄒ

Moreover, thank you to all the fans who congratulated me as well, I’m really thankful. ㅜㅜ

It was a really happy graduation ceremony.

From now on I will go by everyone’s sides not as Ohmija (Bye now Ohmija…) but as Oh~dult (Ohdult ᄏᄏ it’s really cute), an even more charming Sehun~~

To the fans who also graduated, I sincerely congratulate you!!

Really!! Last but not least my members, thank you and I love you.

And all our fans, thank you!

Now what do you think I am going to say? (curious curious)

Please go with us until the end ~~~ Heart

source: EXO-K’s Official Website/
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans


7 thoughts on “Exo-K’s Sehun’s message on official site

  1. congraulation SEHUN

  2. of all the members of EXO your one of my most favorite because your so cute and handsome.. hope you can read this thanks!! congrats!! MR. BUBBLE TEA!! love yah!! mwuahh!@ ❤

  3. is this for real?

  4. Sehunna….how are you?I love & miss you more than I can say…..I’m AyeChanMon from Myanmar….Don’t forget me who really love you & vote you forever….fighting…..I’m beside you….please reply me….sehunna…you & me are samemonth….your bd is April 12 1994,I’m April 30 1995…I’m so happy…saranghae<3 please reply me ❤

  5. My lovingly oppa..sehunna…you are the most one I like and love in Exo…..you are so handsome..cute…pretty…good-hearted…good-looking…I think so…..I love you so much ❤

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