Xiumin birthday message on official site

Hello I’m EXO’s Xiumin.
Today is my 24th birthday so thank you all that congratulated me. You who has always supported me and even coming to celebrate my birthday together, I, Xiumin is crying…
And also.. I’m really sorry that I don’t know all your birthdays. Receiving so much birthday wishes i feel so good.

We are EXO!! To be able to see you all again!! For our comeback!! we’re currently practicing really hard again and again so please look forward to it.

And finally, I, Xiumin will confess to you all again.
I love you

trans cr: @shiihx


6 thoughts on “Xiumin birthday message on official site

  1. Happy Birthday to Xui Min!!
    Best wishes to Baozi on his 24th birthday and may you have blessed day! From your fan in Oregon =}
    EXO Fighting!!

    Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

  2. Happy Birthday Xui min! 😀
    Fighting EXO!

  3. Happy birthday Baozi gege !!!!!!!
    I’ll always waiting for Exo Comeback!!
    I’m proud to be exotic ^^ and i’m proud because exo have Ta-ge like u !!
    Full of love for youu!
    Saranghae umin oppa ♥

    WE LOVE YOU .. 🙂


  5. happy birthday oppa♥
    I wish you come to iran

  6. Saengil chukka hamnida.. 시우민 오빠.. 🙂 아ㅏㅏ 사랑해요!!!^^ #telattwooyy-,-

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