Tao’s birthday message on Official Site

[from tao] 130502 i am exo-m’s kungfu panda tao.

A year has passed just like this, the each and everyone of you who has been by my side this whole time, it’s been hard on you.

As well as my beloved parents, family and friends, and the 11 members.

Today is my 20th birthday. Hmm… How should I say this?

It’s a very blissful feeling, slowly improving, growing, learning, I feel that life is very fulfilling.

Every single moment from debut till now, I am always trying to perfect myself, looking at the old me and finding any imperfect places, at any time. Any thing. Although I cannot become a perfect person.

But every time I take a step in that direction to me, it is a kind of motivation

Make a wish? I wish that after my 20th birthday, everyone will still be able to be by our sides as you have always been.

That everyone will be able to fulfill their own wishes. I love you all. ♥

source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; amy@exom-trans


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