Hello. It is maknae Sehun!
Everything is thanks to you all.
Let’s go till the end together. ♥


Hello. It is EXO Kai.
There is something I learned while doing EXO promotions.
That there are not a lot of things that one can do alone.

I think that the reason why it was possible that EXO was able to receive an award was because of our SM staff and EXO fans that are with us.

I will become the EXO, EXO’s Kai that does not cling to rankings but always works hard in order to become a cool singer.
Thank you so much once again!

Hello. It is EXO D.O.
I want to attribute all the glory to all those that love us EXO.
In the future, we will show you an even cooler form of EXO so I request a lot of anticipation and love. Thank you.

Hello! It is EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!
We achieved the triple crown!! Woowaah!!
I think being able to receive an award like this is all thanks to all the fans and seniors!
Thank you so much Kangta senior, Boa senior that sent a congratulatory message through SNS, and Dongbangshingi seniors that always monitor for us, Girls Generation seniors, Super Junior seniors that come to the broadcast companies to support us, SHINee seniors that congratulated us along with a flower basket, f(x) seniors!
Even in the future I will become a more modest Chanyeol!! Everyone I love you all!!

Hello it is EXO Baekhyun.
Thanks to the fans, we were able win first place of a music broadcast.
It is really touching and again thank you so much..
If everyone was not there, us EXO would not exist!
In the future, please be tougher with us! Let’s grow together^^ I love you ㅎㅎ

Hello. It is EXO Suho that protects EXO.
Everyone, us EXO won the triple crown.
It is all thanks to everyone that loves us!
SM Town seniors, family, staff, our families, thank you all.
I think last week was one week that I had dreamt about since a long time ago..
I think it has become a week that I will never forget.
Even in the future, I will work hard and put my all to become the EXO, and Suho that is not ashamed.
I really love you. Everyone~
EXO Let’s love.

cr: source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans



  1. me .. for I am your fan… your welcome… we will do anything just to support you all

    • lol i agree i love all of exo and i really wish that they would come to america and sing for all of their fans in america because not all of us can pay for going to south korea or where ever they go. me(iyana) and my friends angelina and malachi really wanna see you guys perform and we are even doing a Dance for a talent show at my school and my friend angelina’s birthday is coming on november 25,2015 and she really wants you guys to be their to i hope you guys do come to perform and by the ay i’m turning 12 on february 5, 2016

  2. exo l’s please take time to read this. credits to the owner

    To many, it is just a normal day.
    But it is the most precious moment in my entire life.
    Ever since I first saw you, the love I have for you only increases each day.
    Now that I’m thinking about it, it seemed that, even the cold wind brings warm smiles,
    in that winter.
    Sorry, but I wasn’t that deep in love yet.
    I started off by liking Luhan only, with only him in my eyes.
    Forgive me, it was difficult to differentiate you guys.
    I was only anticipating the debut because I admire your music.
    Three months, I waited quietly for three months.
    Finally, debut.
    MAMA was so astonishing.
    I swear, before meeting you all, I was the strongest girl in the world.
    But whenever I heard that you guys were injured, I realised I wasn’t that strong afterall.
    I have already forgotten how many times I’ve cried for you.
    Just a small heartwarming thing would make me cry for a long time.
    Maybe it is impossible to let you all know
    how much I love the way you put your heart into your singing,
    how much I love the determined look on your faces while dancing
    how much my heart pained when seeing you all hurt, saddened and all alone.
    I used to think that giving must have meaningful returns.
    But now, not knowing me is okay as well. Just let me stay by yourside. It is enough.
    “We are One!”
    When you all say this slogan in unison,
    it seems like you all are pleading, “We are one, don’t separate us, okay?”
    “To me, instead of competitors, I would like Shinhwa to be my role model, I want EXO
    to be a long lasting group doing activities together, because a lot of stories will happen
    between us.” – Sehun
    So you guys do know about SM’s practice of getting in new blood.
    So you guys do worry about enlistment.
    So you guys do fear that someone may leave the group halfway.
    But no one can predict the future.
    Maybe someone will enter, someone will leave.
    SM, since you gave them this slogan, let them achieve it, okay?
    We have witnessed it, no? Their brotherhood.
    “When I first arrived in Korea, my Korean isn’t very good, I couldn’t get used to Korean
    food. Leader taught me how to speak, how to eat. To me, duizhang’s existence is that
    of a father’s.”
    “The previous time I appeared on the show, I didn’t tear because of my grandma, or
    that I missed my family, but because the twelve of us were together.”
    “Duizhang taught me a lot.. To know such a good brother, I think that I’m really
    blessed. And the other four standing behind me now, are all people I can’t live without
    in my life.”-TAO
    “The practice room feels empty, it used to be very noisy when we were practising
    together.. I miss them a lot.” -SUHO
    “Lay always practice dance till midnight, so everytime I dance I think of Lay
    “The first time we met, I thought he was quiet, after getting closer he was a cheery kid.
    A cute brother, I have the urge to take care of him.”
    “Tell me if you have any problems, hyung will take care of it for you.” -LUHAN
    “He likes me the most, just give me to him.”-CHANYEOL
    Everytime you guys separate, you guys miss each other a lot right? It was tough
    missing each other right? Like what I said, “Missing is incorporated into breathing.”
    One person told me. Lay injured his knees before. I suddenly thought of Phoenix, the
    teaser. The ending move was to jump high up and land on the knee.
    Dear Yixing, how painful it must have been?
    I’m not talking about about your knee.
    Im saying, your heart, how painful it must have been?
    To walk till this day isn’t easy.
    You guys suffered a lot more hardships that us fans don’t know of.
    How many times we couldn’t help you take the blame,
    how many times we couldn’t share the burden with you.
    “I miss my grandma.”
    “I like the dishes that my grandma cook.”
    “For this dream, I’ve given up on many things, I think this is the only thing that really,
    really, worth to be happy about. The most blissful thing.” -Tao
    The days you could spend with your grandma aren’t a lot to begin with, she will leave
    you one day.
    I don’t even dare to imagine, the you who loves to cry a lot, how will you react that
    moment she leaves you.
    You have chosen to give up the precious moments, you have chosen your dreams,
    chosen to live everyday missing someone.
    If that moment comes.
    I’m saying if, that moment eventually arrives,
    will you ever, regret the decision you have made?
    So, Huang Zi Tao’s grandma,
    you will wait for him right?
    Till he grows up, matures, and has the ability to take care of you,
    till he returns to you as an achiever, to your side,
    wait for him to cook for you as well.
    Dear, you have realised your dreams.
    Are you happy?
    Originally, you guys have become bright stars.
    But facing all the endless hates, antis, and judgement from the rest of the world,
    I’m only worried that you all are sad.
    But dearests, your performance makes people teary.
    “Living on looks”, “Underhand means”, “Plastics”, “No talent”?? When these
    uncomfortable words were used on you.
    Luhan, you actually sincerely said
    “Thank you all for giving us so much support, so much drive, thank you I love you!”
    “Take care, eat more.”
    “Those with dreams, don’t give up. Just persevere and you will succeed.”
    Words that cannot be any simpler, ended up etched in my heart.
    In LA, you and Xiumin helped cordi noona carried her bags.
    At the showcase, you helped the crew carry chairs, and ended up being the last one
    on stage.
    Luhan, you are so nice.
    So nice that I can’t look into your eyes, because if I do so, I will even forget who I am.
    Many people think that, being casted while shopping is such a lucky thing.
    But casted doesn’t mean promise.
    It’s only casted.
    How much determination do you need to sacrifice everything, and leave to Korea
    alone, chasing your dreams.
    Betting on your faith, gambling with your everything.
    You waited for so long, till you forget the meaning of the wait.
    So far away in a foreign land, just how much you must have missed the moonlight in
    your hometown.
    Showcase, the family members of your teammates went to support them.
    You are alone in the midst of the crowd searching.
    No, no, still no….
    No matter how much you tried to search for them.
    You looked down on the floor, not letting anyone see the disappointment in your eyes.
    You still couldn’t understand, why?
    Such an important stage, how could they not come.
    Even not long ago, when you returned to Beijing, buying shoes, shopping and all, it
    was only you alone.
    Did you hide the truth from us?
    But you said it before:
    “The toughest time is missing home.”
    “When I miss home.. I can only miss it.”
    At that moment, I really wanted to ask, “Treat us as one of your family members,
    I remember you were coughing during one period.
    But you idiot, still apologising whenever you cough while filming.
    Your throat was hurting, but you still shouted to your fans, “Be careful of your safety!”
    Someone said, “Everytime I see Luhan, he is smiling.”
    Yeah, smiling so adorably, as if you don’t know what is pain.
    Luhan, have I said this before?
    I need to see your smile to let my heart continue beating.
    Luhan, I love you, more absolute than anything.
    I haven’t loved enough.
    Even if the seas dry up, Luhan, I will still say, Sorry, I haven’t loved you enough.
    Luhan, I can give everything up. Everything except you.
    When people criticise that you are arrogant, face.
    Wufan, you still blinked and smiled to the camera “Must miss me okay, be obedient!”
    You left a message, saying “I like you, every single one of you”
    Even when you were being scratched by fans in the airport, you still smile and say
    Maybe you guys have seen a video on Kris.
    “Yeah, the most you do is to raise your right hand.”
    “You wanted to blend in, but the next second you gave up.”
    These words, I never wanted to read them twice.
    April, on the way back in the airport, you shielded Tao behind your back, you knew he
    had waist injuries, you told everyone “Don’t squeeze.” Tao was just holding on to your
    back, looking so secured.
    When asked to perform Wushu, fans shouted “He’s got waist injuries!” Huang Zi Tao,
    you tried hard to explain, “No, I’ve recovered already. I can perform. Really. Really, it’s
    no longer painful.”
    But backstage, no matter how you tried hiding, someone still spotted duizhang
    applying medicine for you.
    You said, “Pain.” You said, “Duizhang, apply it with lesser force.”
    Someone who has trained wushu since young saying its pain, someone who has
    grown up falling and tumbling saying that it’s pain.
    You said pain.
    Huang Zitao, you lied to us.
    Shindong asked EXO-M who their role models are. Xiumin replied EXO-K, our other
    half. EXO-K.
    In the China programme, the host asked if Xiumin likes China.
    You happily replied in Chinese, I like China!
    Xiumin, is Chinese food nice?
    You replied Haochi!
    At the last part of Into Your world, when everyone takes a step forward, you remain
    standing at the back.
    Yeah, with a total of only 6 lines in the whole album, you could only scream, even
    though it’s hurting your throat.
    Being in a foreign country, it was rare to see fans with your hand banners, it was rare
    to hear people shouting your name.
    But in Sunshine Day, you had an expression full of satisfaction, telling us, Everyone is
    my lover!
    Kim Minseok, just how many sides of you have I not seen?
    “Kai’s body isn’t very good, not just the waist injury.”
    “Kai might need to go for an operation.”
    Kim Jong In, how old are you, to have an injury that requires you to go for op.
    With medicinal patches on your back, you continued performing on stage. I was
    saying, why didn’t you lift up your shirt that day, it was actually to not let us see your
    At first he didn’t quite liked the “y” image the company gave him. But he said, “It is
    okay if it is for the fans.”
    Kim Jongin, stop doing it for us. Think about yourself, okay?
    We don’t need to see you baring your shoulders, just seeing your shy smiles make us
    Those unbearable pain, how did you tolerate them? Being the same age as you, I
    really couldn’t imagine.
    Are these reasons, enough for me to admire him?
    On the plane, Luhan mischieviously said, “What if im gonna vomit?” And then you
    went around searching for a vomiting bag for him. And when he blows the bag into your
    face, you could only look at him helplessly.
    Your mum came to see you, you went shopping with her. You were protecting your
    mother so naturally.
    But what about yourself?
    Who is going to protect you? Who is going to take care of you?
    Maybe not much people understand, what it is like to not have father’s love.
    But I do.
    It is scary when you are alone; because there are no steady shoulders from your dad
    to lean on.
    You don’t dare to make a single mistake, because that would only let your mother
    bear the consequences for you on her weak shoulders.
    You are sentimental, keep thinking about the past; because of your sensitivity you are
    Pretending to be strong; because you are afraid that others find out that you are
    different from them.
    Very obedient; because you know how tough it is for your mother to be alone.
    Maturing faster than those your age; because “I want to protect my mother.”
    31st August, the Chinese members went back to spend time with their families.
    Though you say “Having my mother is already very blissful.” But we don’t know how
    much you thirst for a father to give you strength.
    You keep wanting to improve, to better yourself.
    But actually, Wufan, you are already an achiever.
    Three languages plus Cantonese, not everyone can do that by the age of 22.
    Kris can you stop torturing yourself?
    Let yourself off, won’t you?
    It is okay to have ear holes, face and even tattoo. Really, as long as you are
    As long as it is you, just you.
    Then we will never leave.
    When people said you don’t know how to manage your expression, disobedient.
    Oh Sehun, you just reply “I need to repay my fans”
    They didn’t see how obedient you were while helping your hyungs pack their clothes.
    They didn’t know how long you have to practice a bbuing bbuing in fron tof the mirror.
    They didn’t know how nervous you were when you were practising the collab stage
    with SHINee.
    They didn’t know how just a wrong dance move will make you hang your head low, and
    you only lift up your head after hyungs cheering you up for a long time.
    They didn’t know the first reaction from you after opening a packet of snack is to give
    to the hyungs.
    It is okay, Oh Sehun, you are the world’s most understanding maknae. It is enough
    that we know.
    People say that you are scheming, saying that you are selling your aegyos.
    Park Chanyeol, instead you say “I have to present a more perfect performance to my
    When you just finished Lasik operation on your eyes, you went personally to fix the
    lights. If this was scheming.
    Keep taking care of Bacon, waiting for this guy who is afraid of the heat to fall asleep
    first before sleeping on the sofa yourself. If this was scheming.
    Seeing a tidbit with your face on the packaging and immediately brighten up. If this
    was scheming.
    Retorting the manager’s instructions saying that he couldn’t help laughing. If this was
    Then everyone in this world is already a strategist.
    Actually, I’m kinda happy that you all meet such antis, with only verbal attacks.
    If you guys were to meet the extreme antis, will you all be guarded against us?
    Or still telling us to take care?
    Still believing that we will support you?
    But, dear, what have we done, to receive so much warmth from you all?
    It is already midnight, but D.O still came out of the building to tell the fans, “Go home
    and sleep early, girls need sleep.”
    What a mom.
    Hates to see stuff strewn over, but seeing how the members are tired, you quietly kept
    everything away by yourself.
    If anyone is sick, you immediately reach out for the medicine, when Kai wasn’t feeling
    well and was running a fever you guarded him by his side, sacrificing your sleep.
    Even when maknae is feeling hungry late in the night you don’t complain but ask
    “What do you want to eat?”
    As if treating people well, being like a mum, is the most natural thing to do.
    Just how much love you guys have given us.
    Some words I’m willing to repeat, write, feel and sing.
    Slowly, they become normal.
    But no matter how normal they become, they are still the most precious words.
    Like, EXO I love you.
    I am someone who can’t get over things.
    So don’t give me too much memories.
    I’m afraid that one day, on a long ride on the bus alone, no matter what I see, I’ll be
    reminded of you.
    And then maybe cry, or laugh.
    Is it that by looking far away, the tears in my eyes won’t fall?
    Apparently not, no?
    “It’s okay, I can continue.”
    “Because I am Light, so it’s okay.”
    “Sorry, I hindered the filming again.”
    “It’s not pain, really.”

    Let’s have a promise, stop lying to us.
    I want you all to be safe and happy.
    No need to be strong because of us. No need to lie.
    I’m particularly upset about this statement.
    “That EXO, that lousy leader, I heard he trained for 7 years to debut. No talent and still
    not putting in effort, he deserved that 7 years. Rich but can’t even buy a debut.
    I replied, “Do you know the meaning of Suho(protect)?”
    Seven years, how many seven years can one have in his lifetime?
    14 years old. At the second seventh year in his life, he entered the company.
    With his dream. Alone.
    He had an injured knee. At that time, no one was beside him.
    When it hurts, he could only apply the medicine on his own.
    With no one caring about him.
    He was alone.
    At the age of fourteen, only him.
    After that, he reaches the third seventh year in his life.
    He wasn’t not talented, he was waiting.
    Waiting for the other eleven brothers that he needs to protect.
    “Hi, I am Suho (protect/guardian), your suho.
    Kim Junmyeon. Winter is coming, please remember to wear your kneeguard and place
    your blankets.
    Stop wearing insoles, it’s not good for your knees.
    Kim Junmyeon, at the next seventh year, the next next one, we won’t let you to be
    alone anymore.
    We won’t be absent in all the future seventh years.
    Kim Junmyeon, the next seven years, it is our turn. To protect you.
    “Basically I didn’t think that it was tough. Because it is a dream that I have held on
    since young, so even though it may be tiring, but it is still interesting. Because it is
    what I really want to do. Between the members, we are so close that even if anything
    happens, we will accept it happily.” -BAEKHYUN
    Before SM casted you, not a single company accepted you.
    How disappointed you must have been?
    Was it then that made you want to grow taller now?
    Baekhyun, do you know how much we love you?
    Not because of any other things, but because you are called Byun Baekhyun.
    So stop applying eyeliners.
    I will always, always, always love you all.
    If you were to ask, “Love me the next lifetime too, okay?”
    Dear, can I reply, “You’ve asked me that the previous lifetime already.”
    If there is really a next lifetime, stop being my star.
    It is okay if you are not exceptional, not shining, not an achiever,
    just a normal guy who isn’t strong, and needs protection.
    And I will be able to get closer to you.
    In the next lifetime, I’ll still be loving you.
    But instead, let me be the one giving you courage.

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