[From. Kai] TRANS; Hello. This is EXO Kai.

There is new family member in our home
I want to introduce her to everyone through this post
Her name is Jjangah(,) Jjanggu and Monggu’s little sister

Cute right?

Pictures of Monggu and Jjanggu after long time disappeared~

cr: trans by @chinaIine



  1. wow i also want the dogs and generally want something to Exo came to Russia in the city of Kyzyl> <

  2. Sooooo cuuuuuuute!!!! I like their color.. soooo fluffffffffyyyyyy… i want to have one, can i? Lol! Just kidding! We do have a dog also and it’s a german shepherd. He’s 2 years old but if u look at him you wouldn’t believe that he is just only 2 years old. People would say that he is very dangerous but he’s not.. He’s just a dog who wants to be loved by people around him..

  3. That’s why I really admire those people who loves animals.. Love them coz they will love you back more than how much u luv them… Sometimes if u don’t have some1 to lean on when u r down they r there 4 u to make u happy. They cn feel wat u feel. They can sense it even f u don’t tell them.

  4. Cute little dogs. =”> they’re so adorable. Jjangah looks like an angel. =>

  5. can i post this photo on my twitter? =)

  6. hahaha,,, how cute it was… if I could just hug it..

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