[130731] Chanyeol’s message on official site

[FROM EXO-K] 130731 – Chanyeol: “Hello! I’m EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!!”

Hello everyone!!
I am EXO’s Chanyeol in charge of height, voice, face, reactions, sub-vocals, affirmation, and speaking!!

Did you guys watch the music video well!? The camera work was really amazing wasn’t it?

This time, to keep the promise with everyone, we are coming back with a new song and performances within just 2 weeks!
You like it right? I like it too!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

We received a lot of love and interest with Wolf promotions!
Thank you once again, and this time, I can trust our pretty fans again…right?

Please love Growl a lot, a lot!!

Oh yeah! I will be a one day MC for MCountdown!! Clap!! Clap clap clap!!!

Because this is my first progression with a music program, I’m very nervous but I am happy and my heart flutters because I will be able to meet you guys with a new image!!
Support Sulli sunbaenim who will also MC together with me!ㅋㅋ

Tomorrow, for the first time, we will show off our Growl stage! Anticipate a lot and for the many various promotions that we will have, watch over and love them!!

Then up until now, it was been infinite energy Chanyeol!! Bbyong♥ (t/n: a disappearing sound effect)

cr: source EXO-K’s Official Website; translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans


2 thoughts on “[130731] Chanyeol’s message on official site

  1. kyaaaa~ Chanyeol oppa neomu kyeoptaa!!! >//<

  2. Cuckoo chanyeol Yes! All your fans support you’ll languish you’ll pass exo exo exo!!!! 😸😸😸

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