This is a late letter,
But the love and the gratitude inside it knows only to grow and never to shrink.

To us, this year has not been a normal one,
Fan Qin have accompanied me through the difficult and dark times,
You have also accompanied me through all the bits and pieces of this year, witnessing my growth, as well as yours,
You were by my side as I received glory and heights that I never could have imagined reaching.

Despite the road ahead of us still being very long, I would still like to say that I really am content!

I feel calm, with each of you staying by my side all along,
I feel strength, unlimited possibilities and hope.

Dear each of you, thank you!!!
I believe that not only last year but this year, and every year from here on out, this very day will remain in my memories for a lifetime!
Everything that you have done for me, the endless support and belief gives me motivation to continue on.

To be honest, life does not necessarily have to go on smoothly, because only a life like this will allow a person to grow and become stronger.
And then, I will continue to use my limited time and my limited abilities,
To bring you all happiness and bliss with everything that I have.
Thank you.

cr: source; exom’s official site / trans cr; xuan@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.



  1. Hi kris I support you always you ucing the best kisses, thank you for the message

  2. Woh…..Gwapo Talaga PO Ni Kua Kris

  3. hi kris no matter what happen were always here to support you anytime we love you and exo member

  4. I’m glad to know that kris does not leave exo i’m very happy

  5. hi kris,no matter what happen i always love you,i’m always your fan.ok

  6. Wu Yifan, sorry that he could not support you in a time when you especially had a hard time…please remember that you will never be one!!

  7. Forgive me, I almost don’t know English

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