[FROM EXO-K] 140409 – Suho: “It is Suho that guards over EXO”

Hello. It is leader Suho who guards over EXO.

EXO deubted and already two years have passed.
During two years, a lot of things sure have happened.

We shared sadness, happiness as well as touching moments
For two years, every moment I was really happy.

The two years will becomes twenty years, fifty years, forever that I want to spend with everyone.
I truly love our members and the fans.

I hope that my heart reaches everyone’s hearts.
Thank you once again and I love you. WE ARE ONE Newly as the days go by, EXO Let’s love!

[FROM EXO-K] 140409 – D.O.: “Hello. I’m EXO’s D.O.”

Hello. I’m EXO’s D.O..
I sincerely congratulate EXO on their two year anniversary~
For loving us, EXO, I sincerely thank you.
The weather has become very warm.
Even so, in the evening, it is very chilly so always be careful of catching a cold.
At our comeback show and concert, we will show many cool sides of ourselves.
Please anticipate it~ Thank you. Always be happy. Us.

[FROM EXO-K] 140409 – Baekhyun: “Hello I’m EXO’s Baekhyun”

Hello. I’m Baekhyun who repeats reversals.

I used a little bit of English for today’s memory chatting.
I’m indebted to everyone’s love.. I want to leave more replies…
Since the homepage overloaded… couldn’t… couldn’t… I couldn’t write…ahaing…yaha…ahahahahaha kkya…hat…
Um… should I move on to the body!? (t/n: pass on to the body of his message)

April 8th is EXO’s two year anniversary!
I traced my memories back from when we first newly debuted!
Really, if you all didn’t exist, I would not exist either!

Everyone… I always am eating your love and living like that!! kyagaing~ >< yehet~! In the future, let’s all be together for a very, very long time ♡ I love you, mine!! ♡

I’m happy because of the fans’ love so growl!!♡

[FROM EXO-K] 140409 – Chanyeol: “Hello! This is EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!”
Hello! This is EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!A two year anniversary has already gone by since EXO’s debut!!
It only feels like a few days ago when we met everyone on the fanboard for the first year anniversary.
Time has already gone by this much!!
Last year with Wolf, Growl, and Miracles in December we really received a lot of overflowing, overflowing, overflowing love from the fans.

To me, it was really a happy 2013!
I really thank you, thank you, thank you!!

It’s been about four months since Miracles in December’s promotions have passed and in between we’ve done awards ceremonies but these days I miss everyone very, very much ㅠㅠ!!
Now, in a little while we’ll be able to meet everyone on the stage, right!?
Please wait a little bit longer!!
In future it would be nice if we could congratulate together for not the 2 year anniversary, but the 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, and 20 year anniversary!

Once more thank you!! I love you!!♥

EXO’s happiness Chanyeol

[FROM EXO-K] 140409 – Sehun: “Hello, I’m EXO maknae Sehun”

waooooorooroloooooooo yehet~ ohooooroororhohohorarat~~~yahaaaaaang goreojwigoreojwigoryeojwi~~~~

EXO’s 2 years tear… drop……
It feels like we were able to do it because of the people who worked for us and paid attention to us.
More than anything, we were able to do it because we had our fans.

I say this every day but… I’m always thankful.

These days I’ve written a lot of messages so I’m going to rest for a while!

But if everyone wants it…. I’ll do it but…
It seems that everyone doesn’t like it so…. I’ll refrain!!!!!

kkaeb~kkaebi. kkaebsong. kkaebiru. kkyatsong. kyakyakkaekkaebbibbibbibbbibbireureu

[FROM EXO-K] 140408 – Kai: “It is everyone’s Kai.”

Hello. It is everyone’s EXO, Kai.

Today is a special day for us.
Can you believe it is EXO’s second year anniversary already?

Once again, Kai felt that time fliers by really fast.

Starting with our debut with MAMA on April 8th, 2012 at Inkigayo
till last year, Growl, we endured everything with everyone during a fast period
and because I feel we overcame a lot of things, I am proud.

Hard memories, and the happiness of winning an award, we went through it all together.

So that is why when with the fans, I am very happy
and I feel that I can overcome anything, making me feel like sometimes this is all a dream.

If it is a dream, it is a dream I don’t want to wake up from and I wish
that that night’s dream is longer than the other days.

To that extent, the past two years have been precious to Kai.

This path that you’re walking with me.
Although rough and we may backtrack, if you are all happy, let’s continue walking together in the future~

ps. We came back from our China schedule and the fans’ cheers were really amazing.
I hope your throats that worked hard screaming aren’t hurt. Yap

cr: source: exo-k’s website
translation cr; nahbit, zesha @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits



  1. Coucou exo il fais beau temps ici super les photos bisous

  2. happy b-day sehun

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