Common questions asked by fans on this blog:

1) Does Exo members have twitter/facebook?

Nope. They don’t. We will update if they have!

2) Does Exo have girlfriends?

This is their personal life so as fans, we should respect them. We will never know unless they reveal their relationships publicly ^^

3) Do you have Exo’s member weibo account?





4) How can I make a weibo account?

Here is the page! Click here

5) How to join this blog?

Create a wordpress account and follow us ^^
Currently we don’t have this “membership” kind of thing.. So ANYONE and EVERYONE can view our blog and read all the updates on EXO! (:

6) Is this the official website of Exo?

Nope. This is only a fanblog. This blog is not associated with SM Entertainment or any other companies. Their official website can be found on the right side of this blog.

7) Where are you from?

Okay… just a little self-intro about me…
I’m a Singaporean and have been living in this tiny red dot since 21 years ago…
I came to know about EXO through the release of the teasers. I then started to search for their info after getting attracted by some of the members in the teasers. And I was thinking…since I searched on Exo updates everyday, why not create a platform where I can record their daily schedules/updates? So…. this is how I thought of creating this blog! That was back in year 2012 where I was quite free so I can get updated everyday… However, i had started working so i became less updated on EXO now. This is why this blog is kind of dead lack of updates recently.
I’m glad there are still fans who visited this blog and give me support! ^^ A BIG THANKYOU TO ALL~ And I promise to keep updating this blog! ^^

Any further questions, do comment below and I will answer/reply to your questions one by one ^^ (But it doesn’t mean I will know all the answer!)

Have a nice day (:

78 thoughts on “Questions

  1. do exo’s first box has a english subtitles? same goes for their albums?

    • Exo’s first box has both english and chinese subtitles. Not sure if you’re talking about english translation or subtitles but albums do not have english subtitles since it’s not a dvd. There are no english translation either for the lyrics if you’re talking about albums (: Hope the answer helps. Thank you and have a nice day!

    • Hi … wanted to know if exo visit Chile? 😦 Repond Plis ❤

  2. Do they have a plan to have a concert here in the Philippines?

    • Hello! They do have plans to held concert across Asia countries but the countries are not confirmed yet. We will post the news once SM releases the countries ^^

  3. Is Seohyun and Luhan are really dating or is it just a rumor?

  4. I want to ask you about do Luhan really confirmed as lead role on film back to 20? Thanks 🙂

  5. do you think i can be xiumin’s girlfriend?

  6. im just kidding i leave in phillipines my cousin and i love exo my cousin love huang zi tao and i love kim min seok

  7. can i ask if you can give me the personality of kim min soek it’s alright if you can’t:)

    • I dont really know him personally so I can’t really answer you. But from what I’ve read on some sites and the way he behaves on TV, i think he has a nice personality! (:

  8. Are Luhan’s and Xiumin’s IG accounts real?

    • Yes. Their accounts are confirmed by Kris’s instagram account. Chanyeol’s instagram has also been recently confirmed (:

  9. when is the release date of exo overdose album?

  10. do they have a plan to have a concert here in the malysia at johor , taman sri lambak ?

  11. Can I know, why Byun Baek Hyun very very very very very handsome and cute??? 🙂

  12. Is kris really leaving exo? 😦

    • Hello. Nothing is confirmed yet. So please don’t trust the rumours spreading out there right now!

  13. I really really hope EXO will together forever… #FROM MALAYSIA EXOTIC…

  14. I trust Kris will not leaving EXO… Do you trust that EXO Planet??? #LOVE EXO FOREVER… 🙂

  15. when exo wiil do their concert at Malaysia this year?????

  16. Why Kris want to leave EXO?
    Give me a reason plzz…. ❤ EXO

  17. This is a real EXO? 🙂

  18. EXO, Are you have a plans to go Malaysia? Or Secret Tour?
    Hahahaha…. very crazy.
    Someone call the doctor nal butjapgo malhaejwo!

  19. EXO have go to World Music Award right?
    In Malaysia Live in 8tv thats right?

  20. exo have a facebook account?
    you can tell the exo i love them so much
    what’s wrong with exo he leave exo really?

  21. exo have a facebook account ??

  22. why do Korean boys rut earnings like girls???i mean tneir songs are good .but they

  23. May girlfriend po ba ang mga members ng exo?

  24. Is it true that suho had been slapped by fans in front of sm building? And why?Do reply. If you know the answer . There is a video in youtube about this

    • Hello. I’ve seen the video but it might just be a misunderstanding. We don’t know the truth unless we are at the place, right? (: Don’t worry too much! ^^

  25. does exo wil come to Malaysia?

  26. will exo perform in manila this 2014

  27. will Exo make a tv series comedy romantic drama ?

  28. Hi, Will EXO perform again in LA this year or next year?

  29. have a new news about exo kris?

  30. is exo kris coming back to exo?

  31. are they going to the philippines for their exo 90 2014 and when they are coming to the philippines

  32. can i ask a favor for exo?i really need this,this is for the girl i love the most

  33. hi exo I wanted to know when will your next concert in France is or would be parce’que I am French I would dream is to see you will have a dream that has soon realized big kiss

  34. is yoona and luhan are in a relationship ? is d.o and sunny too ? plz answer.

  35. do exo members have facebook?

  36. Is it true that exo will make come back 2015:?

  37. Do you have a list of all exo activities: radio shows, reality shows, etc. ?? Thank you.

  38. exo explique moi silvous plait comment avez vous cree se groupe

  39. were do you know the updates of the K-pop group Exo?

  40. how are is lu han

  41. suho is have an instagram too?? why you not pit it on choices 😦 !! Suho OOppa :<

  42. can i talk to chen

  43. Can you tell me more about EXO? This is my first time to be a fangirl. Hahahaa

  44. when did exo concert here in phillipines.

  45. Iam from kerala,India.iam big fan of suho.There are many fans here.iam waiting for exticing india season2.when will u come again to india?

  46. Just wanna ask. Do the EXO-L has a phone communication? like text messaging?
    so that i can be updated about exo

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