23 Sept 2012

You guys probably know that there’s only one admin handling this account (there used to be another admin helping out in this tumblr) …

From now on, i will be probably providing slow updates on Exo because of my busy schedules. (will update more during the weekends)

And thanks to those who had support and contribute to this fanblog. To all the followers on tumblr & wordpress ❤

Hope you guys can continue to support Exo and this fanblog.

Thankyou (:

-onexoplanet admin- (wordpress) (tumblr)

If you would like to join me to provide updates for other Exo fans, dont hesitate and contact me via email (:

Do contact us if there’s any missing or late updates (:


53 thoughts on “Notices

  1. what is your e mail


  3. suho oppa…… i hope u can be the best leader in exo….. muahx…! GO2 EXO……..!


  5. go… go… exo oppa

  6. can i have a request pleaseeeee :/

  7. fighting !!! GO EXP GO EXO WE ARE ONE EXOTICS :*

  8. fighting!!! WE LOVE EXO EXOTICS 4EVER!!!!!:*

  9. my beshies and i love exo soo much !!

  10. why do they have to fight?????????

    annyeong! ^_^
    uhmmm,,, okay.. how do I introduce this? hehe :)) by the way, let me introduce my self, I’m Alana Caryl Callanta fangirl of yours, from Philippines… hehe 🙂 today is my birthday ! happy birthday to me! waaahh! my wish is to be greet on my very special day by my idol, and that’s you EXO… since I watched your music videos, I idolize you not only because you’re cool, good at dancing and singing, cute, and handsome but because of your unity not only as a group.. but a FAMILY… uhmmm… by the way, I congratulate you for being a K-POP royalty! whooo! We’re so proud of you!!!!!! :)) uhmmm… as a fan, i know that it is hard to recognize by you.. haaayy… but i’m so happy that I met you, that you are my IDOL and I’m so proud that I include you as a part of my life even though I just met you on the screen of the computer.. haha.. I know that I don’t know you more, than the other fangirls / fanboys .. haay.. how I wish that I can see you performing live… haha 🙂 but i swear! I will do all I can just to meet you in person… I know that now, it just only a dream, but believe in me as I believe in YOU..! I CAN!!!! hehehe… well, my message was too long .. haha :))) uhmm,, I hope that you can be on top again this 2014 because we all know that year 2013 is yours… Just fight and fight.. loose or win.. you’re still the best for us.. Just believe and have faith… And lastly.. stay true to yourself, stay good and stay AS ONE GROUP, STAY AS EXO THAT WE LOVED, LOVE, and will LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!! FAITING!!!!!!!! WE ARE ONE!!!!

    PS. LUHAN OPPA.. I HOPE THAT YOU WILL READ THIS… CAN I HAVE I WISH? uhhmm,, today is my birthday.. i wish that i will be greeted by my bias,,, LUHAN OPPA.. I will be very happy if he greeted me… :))) Luhan oppa, I’m in love with you, i know that it’s very impossible to be recognize but I’m so happy to be in love with someone like you :)) hehe.. saranghe luhan oppa.. WO AI NI ❤ MAHAL KITA in our language ❤

    ~sincerly yours
    Alana Caryl Callanta 😉

  12. dear my fave band exo
    I hope your reading this letter especially suho(kim joon myun) saranghaeyeo!!!!

    I hope you will bring us more blushings and loving to you exo!!!

    love you all!!!mwah!!!mwah!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    loving you always!!!
    Alicia Magdalene Pabilonia
    YOU can call our telephone number.(046) 477-0513

    p.s suho because of you I had good grades and because of you I had won the scrable elementary and spelling quiz bees!!!.love you and I’m really looking forward to see your concert!!!love you!!!forever be a exotic!!!

    #1 exotic

  13. exo pls. can you be mine ,,ur so handsome ,,i’m your fan forever and ever ,,i’m from philippines ,,but i will go to south korea just to see you guys i’ll do anything whatever it takes to see you …..fighting!…oh my suho love you i’m your best fan ,,,i’m so shy at school just shouting at your name ,,,but i don’t care ,,!!! lay my labz ur so cute i’m yours pls.. no one gets lay ok :p !!! luhan oh my pls. i want to see you!!! saranghae!!! sehun whooo!!!! my forever and ever sehun love you soooo much and the other exo members guys love you i’m still here your fan and the others supporting at exo 🙂 but…i’m the best supporter of exo i have the pictures in my room,,wallpaper at cellphones,tablets ,laptop,,,,with a download song videos (they are all cute there promise so much) i am asha franzhai a.k.a jasmine your forever fan!!! i need to see you guys !!! i miss you and i love you forever guys MUAAAH!! ,,omg!!!i’m so dramatic but it’s ok whoooooo!!! EXOTIC!!! nice to be that!!! sanggwan opso of what they say about me nanun philippine eso wasoyo hal mal isoyo….ichana…SARANGHAE EXO!!!! pogosipoyo!!!sesanghe your all cute and handsome!!!yoja chingu opnun araso? pls.. can i? hehe pls. come in philippines now!!!if you read this exo!!! if not i will go there wait for me!!!! -(aaauuuhhh)- one word……………….EXOTIC FOREVER…………………… hoooooohh!!!!fight !!good night my loves take care!! 🙂 muah 🙂

  14. i’m forever exo!!!fighting!!!

  15. go exo!!!i’m still here not giving up hehe 🙂 char lang i will stay here but i choose to sleep than to keep writing here something because in my dreams i have the privacy to hug them i miss EXO!!!! whoooh!!!!

  16. yes that’s true i’m still here haaaah -(yawn)- hehe 🙂 love you exo!!

  17. exo forever and ever love you guys!!!

  18. hi guys! i want to offer new version of exo nature republic photo card. if you want to ask some question about the photo card please contact us at lisapuspitasari16 (line) or my Blackberry pin : 2772AD45. thanks.

  19. can sehun tell me what he wants for his birthday

  20. hi Onexoplanet…

    hope you can have a concert here in the Philippines again and I wish i can see you all in person 🙂

    especially Luhan ❤


  21. Hello 😉
    EXO 😉 i hope that you read this message 😉
    but by the way , may i introduce myself , im’ mhicaella Areja Frm. PHILIPPINES. Fangirl of EXO 😉 PLSS .HOPE YOU CAN HAVE A concert this 2014 here in the Philippines 😉 Here in the philippine many beautiful islands , and tourist spot .. imiss EXO 😥 i wish that take a picture with EXO 🙂 & Meet all of them in person …

    • hi!i m ellen mae a. labos of dasmarinas cavite,study at dnhs main,im super fan of exo because they are all handsome and also a good singer and dancer,,we heard that the mamas award will be held here in the philippines by january 2015,,is that right???and exo will have a concert here in the phils. by june or july,,i hope i see you guys,,especially sehun hart hart!!!e are one we are exo!!1keep fighting!!!!♥♥♥

  22. GO ! GO ! EXO 엑소 🙂

  23. happy:) al ittle INSPIRATION

  24. at first, i really didn’t have any bias(es) in EXO. But when i saw D.O it was like “OMG. I’ve seen my future ❤ ❤ <3" HAHAHA. ^_________^V

  25. i finally knew the exo member,,when my 2 exotic classmates introduce exo to me,,in the first place,,im super confused of their look in many angles,,cause sometimes they look a like each other,,but with the help of my exotics classmates and also my exotic cousin,,and my determination,,to know them,,i finally knew them,,but the only look that enter my mind is the look of kris,,he is so different in others,,but still,,all of the member of exo is still my idol forever and ever!!!!!!!!!harthart!♥♥♥i hope ill see all of you in person,,i love you all

  26. GO!go!go!go!!!!!WE ARE ONE,,WE ARE EXO!!!!!HART HART SHUN PLS. BE MINE^_^♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  27. i hope all member of exo will read this message

    we are having a closing party in our section,,all of my classmates will be there,,we supposed to celebrate our closing party in one of the resorts here in dasmarinas,city,,philppines,,me and my 2 exotics classmates suggested the date april 12,,for our party,,because it shuns b-day..were not only celebrate ourseleves but also we were celebrate the birthday of exo k-sehun,,although sehun didnt know us,,because we are fangirls we shall celebrate also the b-day of each exo member in a simpl way,,WE ARE ONE WE ARE EXO!!!!!♥♥♥

  28. Go EXO ! saranghae

  29. EXO FIGHTING!!! ❤

  30. hi to all i’m shan heartily hyun a half korean half canadian girl i’m a super fan of exo since 2011.

  31. we will fight and support exo ❤ ❤ ❤ because we are so probably love exo ❤ ❤ ❤

  32. hi everyone im silvina and I’m new here….To my fav band i hope you can have a concert here in the philipines i really want to see you all.. #i love exo

  33. hi everyone,i’m lhianna rose (suho’s wife)XD i luv exo very much so pls do a concert here in philippines tnx,luv u suho ❤

  34. HELLO.
    My names Karla, I’m a newbie 🙂 You guys still active?

  35. Hi! Any filipino here?

  36. Dear my favourite band exo,
    how should i start this? well then first of all ill will tell that i love you. Saranghe oppas.;) im addicted to your songs.
    love u guys alot.
    pls do a concert or visit to Sri lanka.
    I realy want to meet yall. will fight for you exo. Saranghe. Domu chuwa.

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