1st Mini Album (Debut album) – MAMA
Released date: April 9, 2012

2. What Is Love
4. 너의 세상으로 (Angel)
5. 두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤 (Two Moons)

1st FULL-LENGTH album – XOXO (Kiss & Hug)
Released Date: June 03, 2013

1. Wolf (狼与美女)
2. Baby Don’t Cry (人鱼的眼泪)
3. Black Pearl
4. Don’t go (蝴蝶少女 )
5. Let out the Beast
6. 365
7. Heart Attack
8. Peter Pan (彼得潘)
9. Baby (第一步)
10. My Lady
11. Wolf (Kor Ver)
12. Wolf (Chi Ver)

1st FULL-LENGTH album (Repackaged) – Growl
Released Date: August 05, 2013


1. Growl (咆哮)
2. Wolf
3. XOXO (Hugs and Kisses)
4. Lucky
5. Baby Don’t Cry
6. Black Pearl
7. Don’t go
8. Let out the Beast
9. 365
10. Heart Attack
11. Peter Pan
12. Baby
13. My Lady
14. Growl (Sub-group version)

Special Winter Album – Miracles in December
Released Date: December 09, 2013


1.Miracles In December (十二月的奇迹 /12월의 기적)
2. Christmas Day (圣诞节)
3. The Star (星)
4. My Turn To Cry (爱离开)
5. The First Snow (初雪/첫 눈)
6. Miracles In December (Classical Orchestra Version)

Released Date: May 07, 2014

EXO-M - 上瘾 (Overdose (Chinese Version)

1. Overdose (上瘾)
2. Moonlight (月光)
3. Thunder (雷电)
4. Run (奔跑)
5. Love Love Love (梦中梦)


Songs in teasers:
1. My Lady
2. Time Control
3. Metal
4. Machine
5. Lightsaber
6. Run & Gun
7. Black Pearl
8. Into Your World
9. Phoenix
10. Let Out The Beast
11. Two Moons
13. Emergency
14. El Dorado
15. Baby Don’t Cry
16. Beautiful

Prologue singles
1. What is Love (Included in debut album)
2. History (Included in debut album)


48 thoughts on “Discography

  1. 23 feb is my birthday 🙂 lalala ~

  2. hi im from iran I just wanna say I love you EXO.and you should know you have a lot of fan in iran.we love you.nega wolf.
    salange SEHUN oppa

  3. proud to be an EXO FANATICS,, I lOVE YOU,, Luhan,, Baekhyun,,

  4. OMG!!!!!!
    i am proud to be EXO fan!!!!!

  5. i love KYUNG SOO!!!!

  6. xoxo i adore this song 🙂
    exo Fighting! ^^ xD

  7. 휑잍팅 엑소!
    박새진 임니다

  8. please do visit and like r facebook page/group kamsahamnida .XD

  9. 14 jan is my birthday!


  11. i want to meet exo and special is sehun….

  12. Hello. I love Exo so much. i hope you can reply me. i am from Cambodia. I hope u come to Cambodia next year. I love you EXO.

  13. hi im new here 🙂 IM EXOSTAANSS ❤

  14. I just wanna say . . . I LOVE YOU SUHO! ❤

  15. i sooo loving this!!

  16. ahmmmm, i just want to say that im proud to be a fan of exo !! ❤ my beshies also like exo soo much !! we're from Philippines 🙂 and my birthd ay is on december 20 !!

  17. haaaaayieeiii xie xie!!!!!!!!!!

  18. IM EXO FAN and im proud of it
    i love you D.O

  19. hi exo you have really many fans here in the Philippines we all are looking forward to see you perform!!! mwah :*

  20. I love you SUHO!!!

  21. sa ako lagi ang exo ok? they are mine don’t you ever get them from me!!! :p

  22. yeaaahhhh!! suho and lay are awesome and i love you guys!!! EXOTICS!!!

  23. forever yours i’m listening at your musics love youuuuu!!!the one who tries to get me from them then they should see hell!!!love you guys!!!

  24. please do a concert in Canada, Ontario
    you would be very surprised for how many fans you have (millions)

  25. i love you oh sehun

  26. I’M from MIZORAM and EXO you have many fans in mizoram :* …iii love EXO sooo much …. EXO FIGHTING

  27. Exo i love u so much,im addicted to u all each and every member saranghae oppa’s hwiting


  29. D.O
    I’M kyung soo oppa fans
    Forever Exotic
    It’s True

  30. Chanyeol Oppa Ur birthday is 27th Nov & My birthday is 30thNov.I m so happy that I m same with u birthmonth.Sarrange Oppa.


  32. i’m new exofas here from Indonesia, nice to meet you all^^ i love exo because their performance is awesome, is there someone who has same thinking like me? haha, i think so.

  33. Saranghaeyo oppas especially you Luhan, my bias i always love yah, arasso?

  34. I LikE LuHaN . !!

  35. saranghae SuHo 🙂

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