Growl – Kai


15 thoughts on “Kai

  1. your’re awesome and handsome ! iloveyour style and you’re good singer and dancer :* iloveyou Kai

  2. Wow 🙂 You so Awesome 🙂 & also handsome ❤

  3. Kai-kun!!! korewa sugoi!!! your so awesome!!!(dies)

  4. kai so cute and handsome wow saranghae

  5. Reblogged this on Nicyeolblog and commented:
    He’s to handome ayy 🙂
    Sarangahe oppa :*

  6. oppa ! You are so handsome ❤

  7. you look like you were lost baby Kai!! 🙂

  8. i so love you kai ever since.. you’re cool and handsome ❤ .. i really love the way you dance and sing.. you're really awesome..

  9. Kai….. I love you …So cool….

  10. i like kai when hes dancing keep it up dude

  11. You;re so handsome Kai……Oh My God!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!………… 🙂

  12. coooooooooooooooooooooooool

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