List of fansites




 / upperclass / aquarian angel / suho go round / Realization / 19919522 / junmyuna / intodeep / incredible / kimjunmyeon / Genie in a bottle / My everything / Made in Heaven


Seethelight / minorplanet / B spectra / sexybaek / babylion / baekhyun stage / 0506_heaven / give me fever / milkboy / dazzler / drug store / Polarlight / To Baekhyun /FoxBaek100gram / baeklash / Heart of Baek / 4baekhyun / worth the wait / astro-bits / White night / good-better-best / Theodore / babybaekhyunbehind u / lightroom / light me baek /Sweet heart / BaekhyunHae / OverflowExBaek (BacktoBaek & Dazzler) Light B  / Baekhyun109


esprit / chanyeola / teethrich / spunky action, baby! / chan10 / superbyeol / yeolyeolyeol / all the best of luck / coolheat / sweet on / coverboy / Yeolnyeomoon


avell_do / suave-do / d.o our best / do you remember / do-trust / hi:Ddoh heart / love me d.o / pit-a-pat / come in to D / dorado / drunk on you / i d.o / for D.O / creamcheese do / dream of d.o / stuckonyou /magnolia_do


nocutplay / kimkai / daybyday / askkai / fever / muchlikegodchild / Adorable J / Mr Destiny / Jog-In / eat you up / at the moment / allblack-kai / cosmiclovers / morethanwords / MusicKaispotlight / sexygod / CodeBlack (Previously astonishing boy) /


hyperbeat / sehuna / aiolosspringboy / iridescent boy / the wind blows / hiddentrack / ohandj / Say!Hun / colours / followsehun /




Glitter / Krisbar / Krishow / Klukris / DreamKris / Krisoul / Kriscorpio / Kris palace / firstlove_kris


Lucky0420 / TrustLuhan / DiamondSH / Manchester_Lunited / Oh!Myboy /Deer_my_dear / Raindrop / Lovesick / Seventh Heaven / Han-i / For Luhan /Deerluhan / DeerStation / My Achilles Heel / Luminosity / Lulu90420 / Luhanland / Lubik’s Cube / High Lu / Fawn8528 /Embrace Luhan / Deer Bebe / Royal Lu / Deerest Luhan / My deer / Secret Affair / Luhoney


Butter & Bun / Xiuminest / Melting


c.Antares / JongDaeYa / Oblivate / Heaven’s voice / Glance


XingPark / LovelyYixing / WaiXing / Issing Garden / Cherie Mamie / Make me proud / IssingA / mr107 / on-lay / Utopia


TaoKing / Super Fantasy /


Kris and Luhan: Hankris / Neibor56

Kris and Kai: Toffeemilk

Kris, Kai, Luhan and Sehun: FourFace

Luhan Sehun Chanyeol and Kris: Higher_n_higher

Lay and Kris: Twinkle-Wings0607

Baekhyun and ChanYeol: Love drunk

Baekhyun and D.O: white2DO / LoveFool

Baekhyun, D.O and Chanyeol: chandbaek

Baekhyun and Sehun: Mr.9

Xiumin and D.O: doremicode

Luhan and Sehun: Dearmydeer / happy bubble / HealMilkTea / Twinned_Poison / Man to Man

Suho and Tao: Day and Night

Kai and D.O: 9493room / Thanksalot

Chanyeol and Kris: Loveydobby / Rise and Shine

D.O and Chanyeol: Dyohuyeol

Kai and Baekhyun: Body_n_Soul

Xiumin and Kai: astonishing boy (COMING SOON) (Kai: Code black, Xiumin: Melting)


-The fansites that are inactive/hiatus or closed down are the ones that i’ve strike . Do take note (:

-There are chinese and korean fansites here.

-This list will be updated soon if there’s any new fansites or that has been missed out.

Last updated: 21 Sept 2013 (With Baekhyun x D.O and Luhan fansites updated)

90 thoughts on “List of fansites

  1. my goodness look at all the baekhyun ones… i can never keep up ><

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  3. Tao fansite: Tao King, I forget the url, just type the url

  4. fyi, the wind blows of Sehun’s fansite has closed down. Coolheat and Coverboy of Chanyeol’s too :)

  5. Exo your group is the best.

  6. magnolia for D.O fansite

  7. Fansite about LayHan, did you have the link please? :(

  8. how about suD.O couple???

  9. I Do Love Them ♥ _xoxo_

  10. xiumin’s fansite:blackrouge

  11. Dear My Deer is a Luhan fansite, not Luhan and Sehun. Also, you’ve missed out on quite a lot of Luhan’s individual fansites. Here are some of them which I follow:
    1) Raindrop:
    2) Lovesick:
    3) Seventh Heaven:
    4) Han-i:
    5) ForLuhan:
    6) ESP:
    7) Deer Luhan:
    8) Deer Station:
    9) My Achilles Heel:
    10) Luminosity:
    11) LuLu90420:
    12) Luhanland:
    13) Luhan Bar:
    14) Lubik’s Cube:
    15) Lu’s Village:
    16) LoveLuhan:
    17) HighLu:
    18) Fawn8528:
    19) Embrace Luhan:
    20) Deerbebe:
    21) Royal Lu:
    22) Deerest Luhan:
    23) My Deer:

    • It’s hard for me to follow all the 12 members fansites myself so thanks for updating me with these! (:

  12. oh my…thanks for sharing that :D
    uhm by the way, im just looked some baekhyun’s fansite and all has hangul for their blog TT
    do you have recomend international fansite of exo? gamsa ^^

  13. 안녕 엑소 오빠들 저는 이정이라고 해요 한국인 이지만 어릴때 부터 남태평양 의 작은 섬나라 에 살면서 팬이 되었어요 울프 때 넘 멋졌어요, ps 특히 루한 오빠 ㅋㅋ 벌써 반했네요 크리스 오빠와 같이 아 그리고 레이 오빠, 기회가 되면 저가 살고 있는 나라에 와서 공연 해주세요 여긴 중국인 이 많답니다 그래서 루한 오빠 에겐 찬스 ㅋㅋ~ 이정 기대

  14. 안녕 엑소 오빠 들 저는 이정 이라고 해요 아직 저가 살고 있는 나라 에서 공연 한적 없죠? 기회 되면 와서 해줘요 여긴 영어 도 쓰니깐요 아 그리고 중국인이 많이 살아서 좋은 챈스 ㅋㅋ 남태평양 의 바누아투 공화국 이랍니다 저가 사는 나라가.

  15. thank you very much!! >.<

  16. adding for fansite Kai and D.O : Thanks A Lot/TKSAL ^^

    • Thanks. There’s a lot of fansites to update for all members so it’s a bit difficult for me to go through every single member! i’ll try my best and i’ll credit the person too (:

  17. Where is the ‘Mr.9’?? Fansite of Baekhyun..

    But ,thank’s for update :)

  18. can i ask for kai and sehun fansite?thanks

  19. Toffeemilk is Kai’s fansite, then there’s also Studio J for him and LustKaution for Kai and Luhan

  20. Baekhyun and Kris???

  21. Chanyeol fansite – La Soiree, Studio C., Hello, Puppy

  22. Im Following Exo :)) OH My <3
    Exo Forever !

  23. xiumin: the finest, my favorite thing, 326 days, xiumin&more

  24. Did you guys already check out EXO’s recent commercial? Here’s the making film!

  25. please vote for exo to win mama

  26. 안녕하세요. 저는 엑소 어빠들와 음악들 너무 너무 너무 좋아합니다 ^^

  27. Askkai had already closed down :(

  28. vote E.X.O for mama :)
    -xiu min !!

  29. honey bunny for lay

  30. Chanyeol/Kris

  31. i love exo……!<3

  32. 엑소 넘 귀여워!! :3 참고로 난 캐나다에서 살고있는 6학년 여자 애고요, 엑소 못 봐서 넘 섭섭해요. 저 보시면 저 3학년에 있다고 생각하실 거예요. 시우민처럼 작거든요(ㅋㅋ) 엑소 노력 많이 하셔서 캐나다까지 오세용!!

  33. Thank you!♥ 감사함니다 -/\-

  34. Momoko is luhan’s fansite too, and very well known. Can you input to the list as well? ‘-‘

  35. this for baby Baekhyun in EXO Showtime!!

  36. i hope its help <3

  37. you forgot to put Crash Landing and Twinkle Luhan both are Luhan’s fansite ^^

  38. Your welcome?? I wonder who the person you are from Exo??=)

  39. … it really does help .. thank you . and by the way , saranghaeyo suho and chanyeol ..

  40. Oh my gosh this is really is it??? This is the official website of my favorite k-pop EXO. First of all I’m Kim Alleiah S. Lascano #1 fan of EXO especially my favorite bias Chanyeol my love and Kris my crush ^_^! Please help me to be a admin of this website. Hello Chanyeol please make a video for me and make a fansign for me I beg you please. I LOVE YOU CHANNIE, please I beg you. Thank you and God bless especially Chanyeol Thank you and I will wait for yout till the end. I LOVE YOU CHANNIE.

  41. I want to be one of luhan’s fansite someday XDD annyeong~ exostan from ph~^______^

  42. blackrouge Xiumin fansite :)

  43. Is that all of the fansites of suho,chanyeol,xiumin,kris and chen?

    • Hello! Nope! There are actually A LOT more but i havent got the time to update it myself! I will update this list again when I’m free! Sorry!


  44. 506walk?
    Candy chursh?

    Bark fansite

  45. How about Baekyeol?He He. .

  46. how about puppy store fansite for baekhyun and chanyeol

  47. I’m Exo L.And my bias is Luhan.

  48. hai im durrah .i from malaysian .i love exo so much . and one thing the exo-l compition is done rigth

  49. HunLay fs: Entrance

  50. Xiumin’s fansite : buttercup,blackrouge
    Suho’s fansite : cotton moment
    Lay’s fansite : xinging in the rain, must plan
    ChanBaek fansite : puppystore92
    Chen’s fansite : with_chen, kim oppa, thunder chen, citrus thunder
    XiuHan fansite : be my last
    HunHan fansite : hunhan_chopper, twomoons
    Luhan’s fansite : luhandazed
    Baekhyun’s fansite : divine.b, candycrush, honey.b
    Sehun’s fansite : sehunplease, adorable_boy

  51. Suho’s fansite ‘Made in Heaven’ now is closed down

  52. breezelike
    sehun’s another fansite:) thanku

  53. annyeonghaseyo exo members specially to my bias KIM JONGIN (KAI) and D.O KYUNGSOO (D.O)… i wan’t to go in exo concert to see exo members and my bias…. SARANGHAE EXO…………………… SARANGHAEYO^_^…

  54. listening music makes me feel relax

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