105 thoughts on “Chanyeol

  1. omg he is so cute chanyeol opaa fighting saranghae

  2. he looks so adorable and now he’s gorgeous! xD

  3. You’re really cute

  4. i see chopper! XD ^____^ *_____*

  5. omg chanyeol likes OP *O*

  6. he looks like a girl in the 1st picture

  7. hehehee… you also… still the same… hahahaha … daebak !!!

  8. really cute and handsome ^_^

  9. he look more handsome before debut ~kkk 🙂

  10. ahh he so cute before and after

  11. his look a little bit similar to cheondung oppa from MBLAQ, but chanyeol oppa more cuter!!!!!

  12. chanyeol and her big sister are looks like a twin……..

  13. he so cute ~!! >//<

  14. He’s perfect then & now ♥

  15. Chanyeol !! I love you .. =D i love your voice ..

  16. chanyeol is so cute…<3


  18. let’s get married ! XD

    • hahaha! that imposible! If LUHAN married with other women, what should you do? kill that women ? or just RELAX?

  19. haha… cute~

  20. yeah right but its just a dream and that dream ro see him is impossible!!!!=(

  21. He is super duper extremely magnificently cute and awesome. Words are not enough to describe you Park Chanyeol. I LOVE YOU! All of you, EXO!! :* Even if it’s impossible to meet you all in person, it is still a great pleasure to be a fan of a group with great members. God bless, EXO!

  22. oppa your so adorable:) i like you so much.♥ auuuuu…(saranghae)

  23. chanyeol!!!your just the same cutie till now!!!

  24. chanyeol oppa !!!!!! ILOVEYOU or maybe WELOVEYOU sssssssssssoooooooooo mmmmmmuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhh !! ❤

  25. i love you Chanybabes!!!! <33333333

  26. Chanyollie oppah!
    So Cute~! :3
    I will always support you and EXO! *\(>_<)/*

  27. Chanyeol…you are so handsome ^^
    I will falling in lve wth u if u study in the same school wth me… ❤

  28. So KAWAII!
    Chanyeol oppa!

  29. he is so urgh..haha handsome!!!

  30. daebbak!!!! idol..

  31. WOW~..
    Speechless.. Turns out, he likes selfie~
    Haha.. cutie pie..

  32. Argh ! You so sexy and cute than my older brother ! Pls be mineeee …. ><!! ❤

  33. kyaaaaaa ! hes so gwapoooo XDD mehahahaha ❤

  34. ahhhhhh!! your soo handsome

  35. advance happy BDAY chanyeol oppa !!!! ❤

  36. happy birth day chan yeol

  37. ❤ happy happy birth day park chan yeol..

  38. Happy brithday chanyeol oppa

  39. AWUUUUU ChanYeol !!!!!1
    Happy brithday Chayeol

  40. ي قلبي يخي يجنن 😦 ( ARABIC )

  41. hi Oppa Chanyeol your so cute 😉

  42. chanyeol doesn’t change his physical feature……

  43. im so crazy about you………..i love you chanyeol hope to see you in person….

  44. erm..
    when can i meet you??


  46. Chanyeol oppa! you are always cute in every angle stay cute and healthy.. and i just want to tell you, that i admire your intelligence!!! 🙂

  47. Chanyeol is sooooooooooooooo CUTE..!

  48. very handsome guy………………… kathrina alvaro very like him sooo much

  49. I love U yeol..
    we love U..
    we love EXO
    Exo saranghaja!

  50. why is he that cute though

  51. i love you chanyeol.. im a big fan of yours.. go and let chandara love team grow…

  52. chanyeol ☺ ☺ 😀 😀 You are very lovely: * and have a great and funny ears 😀 I love you all… ❤ ❤ ❤ LUHAN ❤ :*

  53. i love you so much oppa chanyeol
    your voice seems like an angel on me

  54. hi oppa chan yeol sarangmida ❤

  55. Wow. Chanyeol’s such a cutie :3

  56. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……… ChanYeol oppa your sooo Cute…..

  57. you are so handsome and very cute

  58. omg!!! soooo cute ❤

  59. chanyeol oppa!!!!! I want to marry with you!!!

  60. Chanyeol oppa fighting…..I’m your fan….always and forever

  61. i love u channie oppa!

  62. hi chan yeol why you are so cute ! and i cannot move on on the exo members specially you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  63. ` Heyy ChanyeoL Your So HandSome Like Luhan ❤

  64. cute and handsome,saranghae

  65. Chanyeol I’m really happy that it is possible to reach my thee shall we love you so much I was always his wish that you receive my gorgeous I love you very Exo always better
    Take care of yourself well ♥♥♥

  66. Chanyeol당신을 많이 사랑

  67. exo 당신이 적립됩니다

  68. love you only one chanyeol oppa

  69. oh hes still cute

  70. i like him !1 ❤ so cute oppa CHANYEOL

  71. Chanyeol opaa is so cute

  72. hes still cute 🙂

  73. he`s so cute talaga………….>_<

  74. chayeol oppa you soocute ❤ ❤

  75. OH MY GOSH! chanyeoul youre so very cute!

  76. like here?? Gamsa Ibnida

  77. yahh!! oppa your so handsome and cute. saranghae oppa ❤ ❤

  78. hampioliang chanyeol saranghae

  79. oppa saranghae ……….

  80. Oppa chanyeol
    So so cute
    I love you

  81. Chanmaboy 😍😍😍


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